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Thread: Next Dark Elixir Troops

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    Next Dark Elixir Troops

    For the next few dark elixir troops, I think we should include something old in a newer body. Wallbreakers are semi-expensive and with almost any placement, they are killed/ or they die by blowing out a group of walls. The next Dark Elixir troop should bring back wall breaking, but in a newer fashion. The next Dark Elixir troop should be the Battery Ram. This troop has a medium health, cost, and damage, but is helpful when needing to break through multiple layers of walls. It's attack speed is 2.5 seconds but it deals an astonishing amount of damage (30x) to its favorite target, the wall. Once it breaks a wall, it does not die, but instead uses its A.I. to act like a wallbreaker and move on to the next best wall to destroy, leading your troops to victory! Thanks for reading!

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    I think there will be a new DE troop. Read about the possible things coming in the next update here;

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