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Thread: • Rorke's Drift • TH8 Anti-3 War Base •

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    • Rorke's Drift • TH8 Anti-3 War Base •

    "The Battle of Rorke's Drift, also known as the Defence of Rorke's Drift, was a battle in the Anglo-Zulu war. Just over 150 British and colonial troops successfully defended the garrison against an intense assault by 3,000 to 4,000 Zulu warriors. The massive, but piecemeal Zulu attacks on Rorke's Drift came very close to defeating the tiny garrison but were ultimately repelled." - Adapted from Wikipedia

    Greetings and salutations fellow forumers! As many of you may know, my name is Lennett and I'm a base designer (who lives in the Base Designer Journal). I am a Co-Leader in Alone Knights, a hardcore farm/war clan, having been there for almost 9 months. Many of you may know the leader (Deadtoast15) if you venture out of the BD101 sub (*gasp*).

    I started designing bases as soon as I hit th8, but many of my designs have been scrapped or neglected due to my 'sometimes' undecidedness. Then when I FINALLY got around to writing up a thread as my intro and first base design on the forums, the Farming Base Killer update hit. However, hope was not lost. I edited my base and came up with a beauty (it shall be published shortly after this).

    Enough about other bases though. I was inspired to create an anti-3 after my semi-failed attempt at creating a symmetrical teaser like base, as I had read almost every post and page from Akiyume on his website (it's the best place to go if you're a war base designer, go check him out!!), and felt I needed to transfer some of his ideas into the th8 war front. I loved the idea of open core, (however jlam has created a closed core version) as I felt very new meta-ey, and haven't seen another anti-3 open core th8 war base. Much of the inspiration is drawn from Akiyume's website and many adjustments and tweaks were used. However, enough talk and let's get onto the base!!!!

    Table of Contents:
    I. The base
    II. Design and Features (how it works)
    III. Pros and cons
    IV. Conclusion
    V. The all important logs

    I. The base:

    The base in its entirety (v.3.0)

    Jlam2's Version

    CC radius:

    Walls and traps:

    Alternate layouts:

    Closed core (Aphrodi+jlam2 adaption)


    II. Design and Features


    • Good DGB pathing (uses hourglass pathing - see Akiyume's guides)
    • Hard to disable DGB
    • Well placed spring traps (thanks to Aki and jlam)
    • Hard to lure cc (more troops needed to get cc out) - 13 archers, 1 witch recommended cc)
    • Good point defense distribution
    • Wizard tower and mortar next to single giant bomb - will take out hogs if heal not used quickly
    • Tesla farm and King - out damages heal spell


    • Tempts attacker to zap quake north air def, causing them to fall for the trap (muahahaha)
    • Storages in front of air defenses causing dragons to get stuck while the air def hammers them
    • Double air mines and wizard tower by air def - counters balloons by vaporizing them
    • Tesla farm behind storage wall with SAM's - at this point the attacker should have no spells left, allowing the tesla farm and SAM's to crush them
    • Corner huts waste attackers time


    • Uneven compartments and 3 tile spaces by archer towers cause the Wizards to be unable to attack archer towers, and mess with troop pathing
    • There isn't too much I can say vs gowipe, so I'll rather let the logs speak for themselves (scroll down for these)

    Clan Castle: I recommend using a clan castle to suit the attackers you'll be facing, but personal preference is advised (as different clans use different cc's)

    Adjustments: Feel free to post any adjustments you have made, by posting the adjusted base and a description of changes, and logs if possible. If it works and I feel it's good, then I'll put it on the alternate layouts bit.

    III. Pros

    • Looks cool
    • Good trap placement
    • Does well vs main strategies
    • Anti-3 asymmetrical style causes intimidation, fear, and mayhem for troop pathing
    • Open core
    • Often causes a th9 dip to be used

    • CC can be lured if the attacker is skillful enough
    • Variable results at low th8

    IV. Conclusion:

    Thanks for sticking with me through the wall of text!! Please post feedback if possible- positive or negative, it all is helpful for me (but keep the hate to a minimum, rather use constructive criticism). I hope my base serves you well and does you proud. If you do decide to use it, logs will be appreciated!

    And finally, thanks to everyone who made this possible!

    • -Akiyume for countless suggestions and guides
    • -all the Alone Knights leadership team, without your guys input and support this base would never have been designed! (Especially deadtoast15, my mentor and friend)
    • -jlam for his alterations, many versions, extensive testing as well as being a close clashing mate on top of that!
    • -SpearGobs for harassing me to finally get me to update it...
    • -rhym for his continual support
    • -all the testers and the BDJ team
    • -and finally, Avernicus, for inspiring me to become a base designer in the first place!!!
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