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Thread: Rorke's Drift TH8 Anti-3 War Base

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    Okay I gotta ask. Why the goblins for cc troops?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barcher101 View Post
    I prefer 3 valks + a Gob tho
    why gob???

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    No wornder there are so many Archers, the Queen spends most of her time on her back.
    Quote Originally Posted by PrinceSanim View Post
    why gob???
    They are crazy fast so they run out in front of the other troops as a distraction.
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    Probably in some collector,trying to convince it to give up its elixir😆
    Quote Originally Posted by Chippo View Post
    They are crazy fast so they run out in front of the other troops as a distraction.
    This ^^^^
    Gobs are plain frustrating if you lure
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    I've started using this base again on an alt account because I had a lot of success with it with my main. It seems that every war now they just easily three star it with dragons and cc balloons. It used to defend so well in the past (even against the occasional TH9) but I guess the balloon buff really made it easier to kill the ADs quickly. I've tried the different versions and I'm just not having any luck.

    Still does well against ground attacks though.

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    Jeez, this base is really good! 3.0 is much better. The outside defenses make Golem pathing much harder. Even once you know where the DGB is, getting a Kill Squad in there is hard without Quakes because of the empty compartment, and it's very hard to deal with the CC and the Teslas without rage.

    Only problem is the dragloon...
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    Hello Mr. Lenett. Will you ever be updating this base. Lot of things have changed since this version such as bomb tower etc. Have you stopped playing this game?

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    Hi. You have used up one extra wall piece for the base version 3.0. Ive checked and cross checked multiple times, theres 1 wall extra.
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