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Thread: Clash of Lords copying Clash of Clans

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    Clash of Lords copying Clash of Clans

    Seems that a copy of CoC on android called clash of lords has been made just wondering if supercell knew about this or is a link to their page
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    complete knockoff. dragons at town hall 7, arrow tower, walls. i guess thats what supercell gets for not making an android version

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    More copycats here:

    Pathetic. lol

    Hopefully Supercell has an army of attorneys ready to sue.
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    I hope SuperCell sue their balls off.

    Unless they have already paid SuperCell a heap for a license to copy of course.
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    Actually, there is an android knock off called Viking Wars. Someone did a video on it on YouTube. Search it up if you don't believe me
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    Lol if they are good ill be playing on my tablet

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    Sorry to tell you guys but there are probably tons of clash of clans knock offs out there and I doubt SC has the time to sue them all.
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    It might be a copycat, but there is nothing legally they can do... They did not steal images or anything. They re-make the game. Not saying its good but there is nothing that SC can do.
    With that being said i'm off to downlaod of for my android phone...

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    Its actually not too bad. Just downloaded it on my nexus 7 so now I can get my CoC fix on a tablet finally! If only supercell would release CoC for android!! One can dream I guess...

    The "hidden tesla" is called an Ermah Guard. Idk I thought that was funny...
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    Unless any of you morons calling for supercell to sue have gone to law school, be quiet. If you did, ask for your money back. There is no point to bringing a suit. None.

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