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Thread: Brads Elite Anti 3 Star Base | Speedbuild |

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    Brads Elite Anti 3 Star Base | Speedbuild |

    Brad here just going to welcome you to my thread.
    This is my first base that I have shared on the Forums
    This base has defended various attacks against elite clans


    The Base


    CC Radius

    Attackers View


    Tesla Farm
    Well protected DGBs
    12 compartments
    Unlurable CC
    ADs offset from queen
    Unpredictable DGB placement


    ZapQuake ADs
    AQ Walk to get my AQ
    Good Attackers

    Replays | Defences (will update as I'm attacked)

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    TH: 9 | Level: 116
    Walls: Legos - 28/11/2015|Lavas - 19/05/16| GG: 974Mil | EE: 894Mil | HH: 2.97Mil | AQ: 28| BK: 21|
    Clan: Storm Factory
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