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Thread: We are looking for people who love playing the Derby as much as we do !!!

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    Champions League awaits

    The Derby is almost finished, we are currently in 1st place, 2nd place is almost 7,500 points behind us, so we are guaranteed a promotion to the Champions League !! What better time to come and join us !!

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    Only 2 spaces left

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    Join us in The Champions League !!

    2 spaces still available

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    We are no longer recruiting - all spaces have been filled

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    Come and join us before the next Derby starts!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MajesticVille View Post
    Let me tell you a little about our hood.

    We are MAJESTIC VILLE (Yellow shield/red horse).

    We have 26 team members, ranging from Level 38-121.

    We love playing Hay Day and aim for Top 3 in each and every Derby. To help us achieve this, we only do tasks 300+, we trash all tasks below this.

    We require each player to have scored a minimum of 2000 points at the end of the Derby (we believe this is more than achievable for committed Derby players, even those on lower levels). If for any reason our players cannot reach this minimum score, we respectfully ask them to OPT OUT so the rest of the team is not at a disadvantage in the Derby. We actively encourage our players to complete all available tasks wherever possible. We will NEVER ask any player to take an additional task, although they may choose to do so. Additional tasks are entirely optional.

    We are fun, chatty, and extremely helpful. We will not tolerate players who constantly ask for help, but do nothing in return.

    We are a drama free hood, and wish to stay that way.

    If you would like to join our fun, committed, Derby loving team, you must have reached at least Level 34 and must speak English.

    If you have any questions, please reply to this thread.

    Otherwise, why not send a request to join us over at
    . We look forward to welcoming you
    * Forgot to mention, we are in the Champions League

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    Last chance, only 1 spot left !!

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    Due to some inactive players, we now have a couple of spots available.

    we are in the champions league.

    we are looking for people who actively play in the Derby. If you don't participate in the Derby, then sorry we are not the NH for you (although we don't mind if you need to opt out now and again)

    We are MAJESTIC VILLE (Yellow shield/red horse)

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    Sent you a private message

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    Places available now

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