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    Barb: " See, I told you I could fit. Now help me out."
    Balloon:" Heh heh heh"

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    Barb & Bomb

    Barb: Help me get out of here!!
    Ballon: Nah. i'm going to blow out other thing

    tried my best

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    Barbarian: I'm gonna kill you!
    ballon: say hello to my little friend *drops bomb*

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    Gamer tag s4my99

    Barb: I'm going to put a hole in your bloon the size of your mums butt
    Bloon: oh yeah well...well... Your fat

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    Barb: your level 6 bombs is no match for my level 8 air defence.
    Balloon: yeah? You really think so? Well let's see.
    Barb: I hope you like fireworks.
    Balloon: I hope you like being died!

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    Barb and Balloon

    Barb: You Always Killed Me Now I Will Kill You!!
    Balloon: Good Luck!!

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    Barbarian- You think your slick because u can fly... WATCH THIS

    Balloon-Ha You got nothing on me ... EAT MY BOMBS
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    Balloon: "Haha, you're mad that I've invented an air balloon!"
    Barbarian: "Sure, I cant fly - but I've strapped this rocket to my back and I'm coming for you!"

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    Barbarian: Oh look, a dragon.
    Balloon: Wait, what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSteve[Supercell] View Post
    The Caption Contest is here!

    Three lucky winners will get 1000 gems each! Simply write some awesome, hilarious, or clever text for each speech bubble to enter. We'll pick our favorites around this time tomorrow! One entry per user! Ready, set, win gems!

    Barb: " See, I told you I could fit. Now help me get out."
    Balloon: "Heh heh heh"

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