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Thread: The Unity Alliance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kedd View Post
    Welcome to the Unity Alliance.
    It really is a great group of clans

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    Unity Institute currently has 2 spots available!

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    Ty kedd for making us a lovely thread. I would add that the lvl 4+ wiz and 2+ drags are for unity main and
    in elite, you get lvl 5 and 3.
    If you love max Wizards and Air Troops always filling your Clan Castle, Unity Elite is the clan for you! Check us out:
    Info - Level: 104, In-Game Name: Me, Town Hall: level 9,Status: Farming

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    so that is what glassboard is

    I kept wondering what glassboard was because some members advised to say i would be offline on glassboard. Ill download it when i am on my Ipad.

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    Great thread Kedd!! Nice work.

    And for those who have the requirements, join us.

    GC: Alfartano (add me)
    IGN: Alfa
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    Clan: Unity Elite

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    ^ bump

    10 UNITIES.
    Lightning my DE? I'll revenge, take all your resources and leave at 39%
    Farming TH9 till I get both level 30 heroes and all lava core. TH10 SUCKS!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RegaliaRemix View Post
    ^ bump

    10 UNITIES.
    Thank you!

    Unity Academy is now restricted to level 50+ players.

    Current member counts:
    • Unity Elite [28/50]
    • Unity [48/50]
    • Unity Academy [45/50]
    • Unity Institute [50/50]
    Last edited by Kedd; July 19th, 2013 at 10:27 PM.
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    This is a nice thread

    Joined this clan a few days ago and I'm liking it so far. Currently in Unity Academy and will be moving up as I progress in game
    Last edited by TimboSlice; July 18th, 2013 at 06:01 AM.
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    Can i join unity clan?

    Hardworking, lvl 71 th8 going ti max all def fiRst.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chilledtaho View Post
    Hardworking, lvl 71 th8 going ti max all def fiRst.
    Of course! Unity is currently full but you may join Unity Academy until there is space. Just let them know you were sent from the forums and will be moving into Unity as soon as possible.
    Level 6 | #QCQ9JRQJ Keddy | Arena 4

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