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Thread: Making money

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    Making money

    Hey guys does anybody know what a good stratedgy for getting coins quick thank guys

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    just keep raiding.

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    Kip on farmin'

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    i get

    4million-8million every week.

    2 million coins and elixer -4 million coins and elixer

    i would use this epic combonation...

    135 gobs
    6 giants
    10 wb
    rest archers

    lightning spell clan castle troops and put a heal+rage on the goblins when they get to storage area

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    That depends on what town hall level you are currently on and your style of gaming.

    For th6-7 I prefer the trophy range of 900-1200, good challenges and good loot! The disadvantage is that you will be spending ~15-20 mins waiting for new units. I usually earn around 600-700k an hour as a casual player.

    If you are really tight on money and want to make ♥♥♥♥ loads, head to the under world! That is, trophy count of <200, vast amount of wealth awaits you there. Remember not only to look for big loot bases but smaller easily raidable bases.
    The issue with UW farming > You'll have to be on at all times, people are constantly trying to retain their >200 trophy range and is inevitable that you gain 100-200 trophies when you log off.

    Use cheap units!, making money in CoC is not hard mate, if you look in the right places that is

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    In your heart!!!
    For th8 and 200 housing space
    40 Barbs
    60 Archers
    30 Gobs
    10 Wall Breakers

    Thropy Range 1200 - 1400

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    Because there's so many variables, there's no one right way.

    What you need to do is:
    1. Figure out what army composition you know how to use effectively.
    2. Identify the th level of opponents you can profitably beat with that army, and add/drop trophies to stay there.
    3. Make adjustments to attack as many times per hour as possible, at least 3-4.

    If your troop level is low, you probably have no choice but 600-900, maybe 10-20k profit per attack. As your troop level gets closer to max, you can attack within 1-2 th levels below you (or even above you) for 200-400k per attack.
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    I use roughly 50 barbs, 100 archers, 50 goblins and target collectors!

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