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Thread: War Weight Changes for Clash on TH11 update - December 2015 changes...

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    This topic is still semi -accurate Post Fall 2016 update -- BUT - there are now some hidden checks and balances behind the scenes that I haven't figured out yet. Using this as a guide will only help you with Visible weight and until more testing is done- you can't rely 100% on this for planning an account.

    Supercell has decided to try and stop lopsided bases from having an advantage and has - accidentally - ruined clan war matchmaking in the process. Most clans I've visited have been getting really bad matches that are 100% impossible to win from one side or the other.

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    Max TH9 is 69000
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    Quote Originally Posted by KnowProphet View Post
    Max TH9 is 69000
    Not only a necro, you were also incorrect. Max TH9 is 70K.

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    my village has 500 weight

    it has no traps, no walls, just 1 cannon lvl1

    my other village has 58k weight
    troops heroes

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    Stupidcells upgrades are just that.... lame. The game sucks too!!!

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