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Thread: Ideas to help expand Hay Day

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    Ideas to help expand Hay Day

    Ideas to help expand Hay Day
    A few ideas I had for hay day were: 1) what's a farm without a tractor?
    2) farmers could save their money and buy a bridge or ferry to go across the river where there they have more land to farm using the tractor to plow, seed, and harvest big crop fields. But first the have to clear the land, maybe this time buying a bulldozer to do the job. Each tractor attachment (plow for example) the farmer buys each attachment as well.
    3) Just like you have to save up to fix the dock and get the boat, you could across the river save up and fix the railroad and the train come. The farmer could fill the train with the crops he harvest with his tractor or whatever and fill the train, also could even get coal out of the mine he already bought and fill it with coal, or gold, etc.
    The train can work the same way as the boat, see what orders to fill before it gets there and instead of filling crates you fill the train cars.

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    This is a great idea, and would certainly add a lot to the game. I would love to see a FARMER! With the visitors, fox, frogs, birds and butterflies...why in the world is there not a farmer? Or a family? I have played other games with this same idea, had our own farmer to work the farm, do the chores. We should have a cat or two, any self respecting farm has cats. How about a dog? A few horses would be nice as well.

    Just a couple of suggestions to make the game a bit more realistic and fun.

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