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Thread: akiyume's 4-Koma Fanart Gallery

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    akiyume's 4-Koma Fanart Gallery

    akiyume's 4-Koma Fanart Gallery


    Intro: Hi there fellow clashers, akiyume here I run my own website that helps people with TH9 Base Building, but I myself have some artistic abilities (although I decided not to go that route), but I still have some small creativity in me so I wish to share with you people. Hopefully you guys enjoy my 4-Koma Fanart of Clash of Clans, which there are many funny inside jokes which only clashers can understand when they read this comic strips. Not going to lie, my drawings will be rough since it's just simple sketches, small patches with editing software and that's it. There are a lot of funny material when it comes to clash of clans, so I'll continue this if people enjoy it.

    #1: Funneling

    Idea: Was thinking of the fact that you need to destroy junk buildings in order to funnel King into the Queen. But I'm sure there are many occasions when the King rather go for that Barrack than the opened Queen.

    After comments: Funny how my first 4-Koma, is actually 3 panels . Having this idea of using Minion as the "smart" one, since his eyes actually looks like glasses, so I gave him another pair of glasses on top of him. There isn't a Minion animation yet, so his character isn't as set, so I'm making him up right now. I'm going to name this smart fellow "Maki". Minion + aki hehe. Just google searched his name, which Maki (other than the sushi roll), could be a surname for "True" which sticks to his character, of being a reality check type of person.


    #2: Why Not Just Jump it?

    Idea: First idea that came up was the fact that I was looking at the base and then it's funny since the base is actually tilted in an extreme angle towards the player so that we can see the top, side, and front view of the buildings, so I've come up with the idea of the fact that if it was such a real slope in the game, can't the fact that the normal troops can just hop over it since the walls would literally be just 1 feet high, when you are standing on the top looking down? Either way, it was funny.

    After comments: I drew Maki wrong for the third panel and made him look evil and bad, so I had to copy and paste him from the second panel over. Not liking the 4th panel's size of him, but meh, it's just a funny sketch. It's not always going to feature little Maki, as there are other ideas in mind. We'll see.

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    Never know when you run outta space, need more than 44x44

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    Reserved Looks really cool, looking forward to seeing more!! Maybe put the explanations in one of the other posts, or all the strips and then the explanations, as sometimes the explanation isn't necessary (just my 2cents)

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    Awesome work! Would love it if the lines could be more defined, although if that's not your style don't worry about it.

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    I like it! It's like a small set of cartoons, which is something new you've brought to the table.
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    Yayyyyyy aki love it
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