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    Hi! I'm Cheryl. I'm a 64 year old grandmother out in California. Started playing Hay Day during cancer treatment and haven't stopped since! I come from a long line of actual farmers so this game is right up my alley Love this game. I'm a nature and animal lover, 2 sweet cats and a wonderful pup pup.

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    Hello Everyone!
    I'm Amanda. I live in South Carolina, USA and LOVE Hay Day. I started playing about a year ago after "helping" my son with his farm while he was at school, and fell in love with the game. He has since moved on to other games, but I'm still playing Hay Day!
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    My name is May. I'm a cow, sometimes I'm a cat 😅 I'm from Southeast Asia.

    I love hay day, this game is relaxing. I used to play clash royale too but I gave up because it caused too much tension in my real life.

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    Hi! I'm Reed. I'm 41, and I used to be an online poker player. But my history of playing cards suits was not good. So I decided to stop playing poker and now enjoy a relaxing game hay day.
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