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    Nov 2012
    New Zealand
    Hi everyone - I'm Carena and live in Kiwi land - that is New Zealand. I lived in Australia for 17 years but now back at home as I found Australia to be getting a little TOO HOT!.
    I have a daughter who is 10 years old and I have to fight as to who gets the iPad next. LOL. I'm a digital scrapbooker and digital scrapbook designer operating under the design name: Carena's Designs. Do a search and you will find me. I've taken a break from designing partly because of this stupid addictive game. LOL I'm very pleased to have reached Level 50 and now I see I have to get to Level 51 to enjoy making lollies with yet more sugar to produce. Oh well.
    I worked hard to level up and increase my storage but recently have been able to enjoy decorating my farm finally. I'm looking forward to another update with land extensions again so I can further decorate along with hopefully more trees to come. I now regret cutting down all my original trees.
    Been lovely to read and get to know some people here. I hope more soon introduce themselves.
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    Looking for friends in Australia/New Zealand Time Zones. Level 92 Cheers Game Center ID: carenasc

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    New Zealand


    Hi everyone,
    lim jacqui, living in Auckland , New Zealand. (British ex pat) .
    Have recently discovered this game whilst playing bakery story. I now find I'm addicted to hay day, and will be deleting bakery story soon as I don't have the time to play both, and Hay day is so much better!
    Looking forward to being able to get the dogs and cats with the vouchers. They seem very slow to accumulate, but this may improve once I do the port

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    Im Wesley from Singapore! Student
    Passionate players, me, my 2 brothers and my uncle.
    Introduced the game to many friends, and they loved it. Hope to make more friends!
    GC: Weztimonial
    LVL: 48

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    Łódź, Poland
    Hi im Will from Saturn. I ride my unicorn to school everyday where we learn how to fly and be psychic

    They just made a rocket to finish the invasion to Earth, then i am getting on the first rocket that bring poeple to populate the planet ( we will also be getting slaves)
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    when is the august competition for gems?
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    in august i would say

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    I'm Denise a British expat living on the beautiful island of Corfu, Greece. Retired and living in the sun what more can you ask for. I live with my husband and our surf loving dog. I have 2 daughters and 3 granddaughters who all still live in the UK.
    i was introduced to the game by Janeen who was a Smurf Village friend and now I am completely addicted.

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    United Kingdom
    Hello all,

    I'm Dean from London U.K, work full time and when I'm not working Hay Day is my addiction!. I didn't like it at first it was my Girlfriend that was playing it and I use to mock her everytime she would load it and play on her iPhone or iPad then eventually curiosity got the better of me and I've been hooked ever since lol. She's currently level 54 and I'm 44

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    Hello, I'm from Portugal but sometimes I go to Brazil to see my dad. He has a factory there, and a nice job but it's sad I can't see him everyday. I'm student yet, 17 years old.
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    ID: K4LIMAS l LVL. 17 (Boom Beach)

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    hola. soy nueba en el foro, me llamo angeles y entre sin querer en el juego y ya no puedo dejarlo,lo siento .
    no tengo vecinos ni puedo jugar en el pc no se por que solo por el ipap estoy super verde y seguro que tendre mil preguntas para vosotros , si aburro me dais un toque , mil besos a todos

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    My name is Michelle and I live in Texas, USA I'm a dental assistant and love my job and totally in love with hay day!!!!! I'm in mid 40s 2 daughters and 2 grand kids. I think I've been playing for about 9 or 10 months. I got an iPad in oct 2012 but have an iPhone my daughter gave me. I thought about changing phone service to not have an iPhone to get bill cheaper, but I need my phone to play heyday when I'm at work (lunchtime), when playing pool in bars, and fishing when I go. I saw that it goes to level 73 so far and I hope it never goes away. Have a good one!!!

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    I'm moosh3ll3 again trying to see how long I've been playing I was on my iPad and said since oct 2012 now hopefully since I'm on my phone it will tell me so have fun y'all

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