What we should have got was heroes in war, no default troop selected, tourneys, leagues, clan rankings based on wars, clash caller functionality on the war map, gems for winning wars instead of for removing bushes..lol, etc..

But instead we got th11 and slowed progress, as if progress isn't slow enough. It already takes 2 years to max th9 just with the build times even if your loot is constantly overflowing which is ridiculously long and now you're gonna add another town hall and slow progress?! Not to mention repeatedly kicking people and other bugs that were introduced.

I have no problem removing town hall sniping. I'm not even that opposed to adding new content, but they should follow the model of other successful games where adding more content = speeding up the progress of previous content so new/existing players feel like they might actually catch up at some point. But SuperCell took this in the completely opposite direction and just decided to turn it into an absurdly impossible grind.

I know some (including SuperCell) will use the logic that if they make it too easy to achieve high levels, then nobody will buy gems and they'll make no money, etc..etc.. But creating a game that nobody wants to grind out for 5 years will have an even worse effect. Keeping it light and fun is what brought in their first billion $.

Anyway, I haven't stopped playing and I'm still holding out hope that someone with influence over there will hear the voice of reason, because they've done pretty good up to this point. But I'm starting to lose faith, because this update was so bad on so many levels and many competent people were screaming so in advance. Quality war clans and players are dropping like flies and SuperCell is basically silent over there "looking at data" or w/e they claim. Starting to think whoever bought them out had too much influence in the decision making process.

Even if people are putting in more time now and SuperSellOut is making a killing on gems, it's certainly a short term trend. They might be cashing in now by exploiting the addicts causing them to grind even more and buy more gems, but it's very short sighted because it's simultaneously killing the game.