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    In UK that would be referred to as "knickers in a twist" but otherwise, get rid of them, frankly boring, I think we have heard them all by now, was a good laugh, but now it is boringly repetitive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kento4sho View Post
    iPhone user*** How can I start a new account on Clash. Like a brand new base and everything.

    I reset phone, created new game center & it still says I am banned?

    feel free to PM me with your response


    Not only did you miss the part about not using mods in the ToS but you missed this part too...
    • You shall not sell, rent or give away your Account, create an Account using a false identity or information, or on behalf of someone other than yourself; You shall not use the Service if you have previously been removed by Supercell, or previously been banned from playing any Supercell game;
    You may really want to read the ToS because your next account may get banned as well without warning. The ToS can be found here:
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    Top Cheaters Banned...

    bye bye
    Lossers will always get mad.

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    Why should they get another chance? Why do they need to be told that cheating is wrong?
    They cheated. They got kicked out for cheating.

    Seriously, listen to yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fieldofdreams View Post
    That's not what they said. They said for the first ban in April they would do a 2 week ban. That was a courtesy. There was never any statement saying that going forward first offense would be two weeks and second would be permanent.
    The in game warning never mentioned temporary bans, it did however mention permanent bans.

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    Didn't think I'd see a mod in the badlands of the stickys how are you tinkerbell

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    Quote Originally Posted by PINNO5 View Post
    First ban Was 14 days and if these accounts continued to use illegal software will be banned forever. You Made a big mistake with this line.
    Nope she didn't.. Take a look at the ToS
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    Quote Originally Posted by PINNO5 View Post
    First ban Was 14 days and if these accounts continued to use illegal software will be banned forever. You Made a big mistake with this line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SharkyFinn View Post
    The in-game warning looked like this:

    Im sure when this was posted in game there was a little annoying red symbol that could only be removed by opening the news section.
    As for second chances, you agreed to the TOC , first wave of bans may have not have got all cheats, but it was another warning. Then the in game warning as stated above. Then there's a little thing called common sense. I think any offenders have had enough warnings. If they were smart enough to discover and download prohibited software to find unfair advantages, then there equally cleaver enough to have seen warnings and know it was wrong.

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    Yep, eventually they get deleted or go into that giant sticky... Where they get tangled up so none of the responses that don't have a quote attached end up making no sense. Lol, I gave up trying to read it, probably for the best anyway.
    Disclaimer to the above post:
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