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    Quote Originally Posted by WorldCitizen View Post
    Because banning all accounts is stupid. You are better of banning 10% .. Then wait for a update at the haclers side and ban another 10% . Hackers ussualy have more hacks laying arround. This way we drain them and it really ends. Hackers make Clash more secure actually.
    what does that have to do with me...?
    there are no mods installed on any of my 3 devices. never have been. noone has signed in to my devices. i have never signed in to any other persons devices.

    i grant sc the fact there may be some "other unknown" program they have falsely detected as a coc mod. they refuse to discuss it. they refuse to tell me what it might be. they refuse to acknowledge any possibility of a mistake.

    their own actions show a mistake one way or the other why 1 account is banned and 1 not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by afnasmusthafa View Post
    If you really think so,then why did you even started playing in the first place?
    Quote Originally Posted by andrewMan View Post
    Modder or fair player , all of youare a bunch of slaves . Supercell has so many that affords to play God, kill 10000 of slaves. They dont value players. Uninstall this game and go enjoy life, do things , spend time with family. Time is your most valuable thing u have Ón your life
    All of you are trully hopeless. Blinded...
    You might find out you have cancer and lost your time with this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rouzwelt View Post
    same here, i have a th8 th9 and th10 on my device they only perm banned may th10 village, don kno why, looll.
    come guys talk about fair play please. u such self centered guys.
    Odds are you loaded your townhall 10 on a friends phone or other device that has or is using 3 rd party software.

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    I want proof that i used 3rd party software which i never used
    Plz give my account back plzz

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    that is the end in the game for best gamers

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    سلام دوستان

    من روی گوشیم چهار تا اکانت دارم

    دو تا اکانت تانهال 10. یدونه اکانت تانهال 9. و یدونه اکانت تانهال 11 که فقط کویینم 30 بود و داشتم مکسش میکردم

    حالا سوپر سل اومده و فقط اکانتهای مکس را بن کرده که ما دوباره شروع کنیم و مقدار زیادی جم بخریم و این راهی باشه برای کسب درامد مجدد برای سوپر سل

    حالا چندتایی هم اکانتهای لول پایین را بن کرده مردم زیاد شک نکنن

    حالا جالب اینجاست که من اصلا روی گوشیم هیچ کدوم از این برنامه های تقلب که سوپر سل اعلام کرده را ندارم. فقط گوشیم چون ورژن اندرویدش پایین هست واسه اجرای برخی برنامه ها روت کردم

    سوپر سل هم مشخص نیست داره از چه ابزاری برای تشخیص این برنامه ها روی گوشی مردم را داره که خیلی ایرادات داره.

    فقط یه پاسخ به کاربرانش داره میده و اونم اینه که شما از نرم افزار تقلب استفاده کرده اید

    امیدوارم حداقل اونقدر جرات داشته باشه و بگه که ما واسه کسب درامد بیشتر این کارو کردیم

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bishwajeet007 View Post
    supercell had become blind they have earned a large amount from the game and now they want to sit and eat
    How much did you spend personally Bish? What do modders need gems for?
    Last edited by JRG18; September 1st, 2016 at 07:20 PM.

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    Superцелка, чтоб ваши серваки забанили по всему миру без предуприждений навсегда, а еще лучше нашли вас гондоны и дали вам пиздилятора. Кто наебщик? Да вы самые конченые уебаны, это у вас бесплатная игра? Хуй с вами... Одно жалко, столько норм мужиков подтянул, а оказались вы целятинские с приставкой супер ебланы, остаётся толька шарить как вам пизды накатать.

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    Please Help Pm Me Banned Probleby

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    Nope not shutting down anything but the modders. In time it will balance back out. Play by the rules or don't play at all.

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