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Thread: The Home of the \/alhalla Clans! Join the Valkyrie Empire!

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    The Home of the \/alhalla Clans! Join the Valkyrie Empire!



    Channel -

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    *note spelled with a forward and backward slash*
    \/alhalla is an event clan originally created on the 1st of September devoted entirely to the use and development of Valkyrie based strategies. The event attracted the attention of the youtuber Daddy who visited our clan 3 times. We have also been visited by Hulk and Clash with Ash. Since then we've been growing into a larger and larger network. Originally \/alhalla was an event clan organized by Death's Door. After clan perks were introduced we kept a small crew in \/alhalla to get the clan to level 5. As the clan's popularity grew it became more of a training clan and as popularity continued to grow if evolved into a full blow clan. We excell at war but don't have a hyper organized approach.

    We are now 3 clans and a few allied clans.

    \/alhalla - The original clan. Wars constantly, except for pushes and currently 37-13. To join you either need an awesome war stars count. You can try Yggdrasil #P8RJOVQ8 and serve a minimum of 3 wars to earn a pass to either main clan. We often use a password to control who is coming and going, you'll get the password after earning your stripes. Those joining \/alhalla are expected to already have some basic knowledge of Valkyrie. People are welcomed to join to get better and to hone their skills but Yggdradil is where you can join if your brand new to Valkyrie. We do kick members who don't perform in war or who need more than a simple explanation on what clashcaller is. We require Th8-9 players to use Anti-3 star bases and we keep an album of solid bases for anyone struggling in this department.

    Fˇlkvangr - Wars constantly and performs well at it. Fˇlkvangr is a MAIN clan. It's a second \/alhalla. Again to join you visit Yggdrasil #P8RJOVQ8 in order to get a spot saved. Currently working on is 20th war win in a row! Like I said, top notch Valkyrie users. Please note this is a very serious war clan. If your a Th8/9 player you must use an anti-3 star base, albums are available if you need help in this department. Also clash caller is not negotiable. Use it or get out. You can expect scouting, clean-up, and advanced war tactics.

    -Yggdrasil is growing fast. Its still the best place to go if you want to earn your way into the main clans. Not as intense of a war focus but still war oriented. Still evolving but competes head to head with level 9 and 10 clans even as a level 4 clan. That is nothing to sneeze at! We also provide the data base of bases to help new war players out. Since we permit lower th levels in, you'll have the option of attacking low in war if less skilled.

    Check out our Handbook on Valkyrie! -

    Mission Statement: I know its funny think of a clan as having a mission statement but the Originals of this clan do. We are not an elitist clan, and though we may do pushes or other events that require higher level players, our goal is and shall remain helping clashers grow and improve. While in an event you must share replays and members are strongly encouraged to provide feedback. It was this mentality that made our first run so successful and allowed many of our members grow and improve in the game. If you are willing to learn and improve, you have a place in \/ahalla.

    Players seeking to become part of the permanent membership will need to demonstrate a genuine interest in using Valkyrie strategies, show a willingness to give and receive feedback, and while new share replays daily sporting the use of Valkyrie.

    Please note if you are in \/alhalla in between events you will need to be a bit more proactive to get advice. Post a war replay and ask for pointers or ask where you went wrong in war. If you ask you'll get some pointers.

    We met up on October 16th and made it into the list of top 500 clans, we did this with our Valkyrie based troop combinations, and inside a week!

    October 16th Push

    Members Chat:

    I have a LINE group put together of currently of nearly 200 members - feel free to post your LINE ID to join to conversation. You need not join an event or be part of the permanent clan to do so. Only be interested in exchanging ideas and learning new strategies.

    NOTE On Leader/Elder Status
    Leader is earned through contribution to Valkyrie strategies and tactics. I pay particular attention to innovation, leadership, and willingness to teach and give others feedback. If you want Co-Lead you must be willing to organize and run wars. You must also be active on LINE chats. In short expect duties if your a leader. Elder is similar but just not as high a standard and less responsibility expected. We have a VERY solid leadership base - gaining a title will require effort!!

    Requirements -
    Th8 with level 3 Barracks
    Th9 lvl 2 Valks, 4 if near maxed
    Th10 lvl 4 Valks, 5 if near max
    Th11 lvl 5 Valks
    Properly leveled Heros
    Basic knowledge of the use and deployment of Valkyrie
    Th8/9 ability to 3 star in war
    Th10 ability to 2 star in war
    Th8/9 - uses anti-3 star base
    Th8 - 200+ stars
    Th9 - 300+ stars
    Th10/11 - 400+ stars

    Clan Activities
    Members of \/alhalla are not only allowed but encouraged to tour the clans that contribute membership to our events. Member clans are also free to visit and war as they can. We host events periodically and during those events their may be a theme in which you are required to post replays of or use in war. Experimentation and learning new strategies is a part of being in this clan. Getting to know different clans and how they run or operate is also encouraged, not discouraged.

    Note about Training
    We do train players who are willing to share replays of Valkyrie attacks daily. We love to hear you ask for advice, but if you plan to come in never having used Valkyrie you'll get kicked. Join Yggdrasil if you want the basics. That said, you need to be willing to practice outside of war.

    War Rules
    Please note I reserve the right to bench people for war. Lack of donations, poor performance, missed attacks, stealing targets - can all get you benched (or maybe I just need to drop 2 players to make 20). Repeatedly doing these things will get you kicked.

    We use clash caller. I will post the ID via line and in member chat. You select a target and put your name down. If you steal someone's mark you get kicked and re-invited, check to see it a target is reserved! (Also if you reserve a target, try and attack it quickly so we can reassess)

    We strongly encourage members to post their strategies or to put their heads together with other members to refine war plans. \/alhalla is known for making an army that suits a base, not finding a base that suits our army. We have many great strategists that can help you get that elusive 3 star.

    Attacks must feature a minimum of 5 Valkyrie (CC troops count) but otherwise any other troop combination is pretty much acceptable. The one exception to this is if we need a 50% 1 star in a war where the base can not be 2 stared. Valkyrie are great for this purpose so I do not require them in these instances.

    Making the War Roster - criterion for new members

    1) Th8/9 should be getting at least 1 3 star. Th10-11 2 staring consistently, maybe even a 3 once in a while. Everyone has bad wars, but this is what you should be shooting for.

    2) Using both war attacks. If you fail to use either, I boot you (not questions asked). You can rejoin and explain way but I will boot you. If you fail to use one attack, your on the top of my list to bench unless I really need you to round out the roster (then your lucky)

    3) Following the war plan. Check clash caller, if you steal a mark I will bench you. If you attack outside of a bracket that I assigned, I will bench you. Wars require planning, which does no good if you go all lone wolf on me.

    4) Be a team player. Wars aren't about the loot bonus. The bonus is nice but its not the point. Attacking high just for loot (or low) when its not the best for the team will make me question putting you on the roster. We do occasionally allot members to raid for loot, but this is only when we are kicking tail and our opponents have no chance of winning. Most of us use this as an opportunity to experiment or try a new strategy. Also, donate to your team mates and communicate. Wars are won as a team.

    5) Members who have been around longer who have shown they are consistent are permitted more forgiveness for a poor war performance. After all we are all human. If you consistently put up 5-6 stars every war and you have one war where you get 2, well you've proven that was just a bad run.

    Participating Clans

    -Death's Door - #v0982LR
    -Fˇlkvangr #PVG00R80
    -Yggdrasil #P8RJOVQ8

    -Elite Pro's - #2GLQ8Q2L
    -Phlying High - #22CGVCJ9
    -Hoyt-Zilla - #LY2GG8YJ

    -WarBears - #29JQP8LC
    -Firebears - #9y8G2VLR
    -Riverbears - #22OP89Y8
    -Icebears - #2QCL2PGV
    -Cavebears - #QRUP9GQ

    -D.K.2 - #2LQYLVGC
    -The SPQR Clan - #292UG8OG
    -P.A.S.A.W.A.Y - # YUVC802
    -Phoenix Soaring - #28Q8JURL

    Signing Up-
    Swing by Yggdrasil. I recommend getting LINE, it will help with communication.

    Contributing Member's Youtube Channels
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    Fˇlkvangr was founded when \/alhalla started to get enough popularity that events were filling the clan past the 50 member capacity. The clan grew into its own on its journey to become a level 5 clan.

    Fˇlkvangr has become a strong clan in its own right and is a main clan in the \/alhalla empire. Slots are limited so swinging by Yggdrasil can help save you a spot when slots fill up.

    The rules in
    Fˇlkvangr are much the same as \/alhalla

    Fˇlkvangr is currently on its 20th war win in a row. Don't come knocking expecting to get taught the basics!

    Leaders in
    Fˇlkvangr is a \/alhalla clan, thus any co-leads and elders in Fˇlkvangr are leaders and elders in \/alhalla.
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    Valkyrie not required
    Yggdrasil is not an all Valkyrie clan like the other two. If you want into a main clan you must demonstrate those skills. Any attack strategy is permitted, as long as you kick tail with it. Don't be surprised by the heavy Valkyrie domination in the clan. Heavy \/alhalla influences, lol.

    Still Serious About War
    Though not as strict about war, we expect members to do the basics. Follow the war plan. Use anti-3 star bases if Th9 or 8 (unless a top Th9 base with no Th10's on the docket). We provide an album of bases to use, so don't fret.

    Open Door
    Yggdrasil is open to any account wanting a footing in the \/alhalla clans. Custom request are recommended for quick accepts

    Frequent postings of replays and 5+ Valks in attack will be required for a nod to a main clan.
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    reserved in case of need
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    Bumping this Folkvangr is now a level 8 clan with 43 win streak going on 44.

    Join the V Family to know more

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