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Thread: Do you farm? Want to learn all the tricks? Join Exploited!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryanzofresh View Post
    Hi, I wanted to apply for the exploiters tier. I have five builders, all purple walls, maxxed out town hall 8 only teslas and air defense left, and ive been farming ever since I started. If you want to check out my donations check me out at my clan : PinoyAces name: Bryanzofresh. I have an alt account which I will make leader in my clan so my main account can join a stronger farming clan.
    Hey Bryan, I took a look at your base and your defenses are very good. However, we require you to be fully skulled before making the jump to Th9. This will be very counter productive since you will have 5 sleeping builders. If you still want to join head over to exploiters. Good luck.

    Quote Originally Posted by dmorgn View Post
    AznJinx, I visited Exploiters and was informed to get my AD and teslas to TH7 to join. It should take me about 11 days to finish those upgrades. When I get those done, do you think you could give me another invite to join or let someone in Exploiters know? That way I could get a spot. If not, I can wait for a spot to open. Thanks.
    Hi again, dmorgn. Unfortunately we are unable to save spots. Its on a first come first serve bases. However, there will most likely be a spot avaiable when you come back. People are constantly being promoted ex2 on a weekly bases. Best wishes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mslms27 View Post
    Im Lvl 102 with TH8, all skull walls and 5 builders. Im going up to TH9 in 2 days coz now im upgrading my teslas and ads to lvl6, and the rest are maxed out including bk, except resource collectors. Thx.
    Hey Mslms, seems like you meet all the requirements for exploited. Head on over for a short interview.
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    Yeah I wanted to join the exploiters the lowest tier. So can I apply now?

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    I checked out your base. Defenses look great, but walls are behind. If you don't mind working hard on those before you go to th9, then come by and apply in game. Tell them antoine sent you and come by for interview.

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    Bumping for a great clan. If you meet the requirements you should check us out.

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    You were so mean and strict when i joined

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    Sorry to hear that King. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with the requirements, but mostly we all enjoy ourselves. I think we all play the game for fun and should try to remember that.

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