We're going to have a maintenance break on December 17th!

Post-update maintenance patch notes:

• Fixed a bug in the Personal Break system that could force players into Personal Break even after being offline for a while
• Personal Break online-time limit has been increased from 3 to 4 hours
• Personal Break limit now fully resets when being 15 minutes offline without Shield or Guard (was 30 minutes)
• Personal Break limit extensions increased to 30 minutes (was 15 minutes) after taking a defense without shield or getting kicked out without being attacked
• Free Guard when Shield expires has been increased for all Leagues:
- Titan I / Legend: 4 hours Guard (was 3 hours)
- Titan II: 3 hours Guard (was 2 hours)
- Titan III: 2 hours Guard (was 1 hour)
- Champion (all levels): 1 hour Guard (was 30 minutes)
- Below Champion: 30 minutes Guard (was 15 minutes)
• Clan War matchmaking parameters have been updated for Town Hall 9 through Town Hall 11
• Fixed a bug that could allow exceeding the limit of donated Clan Spells
• Skeleton hitpoints have been slightly decreased
• Grand Warden ground/air mode is now always correctly saved
• X-Mas tree is now spawning

There's also an optional update coming soon. We'll keep you posted about the schedule as soon as everything is ready

Optional client update release notes

• Added Winter theme along with an option to disable snowfall in Settings
• Added an info screen when tapping the Shield icon that shows exact Personal Break timer status
• Added a Clan badge icon for donated Spells in the deployment bar
• Fixed a crash when trying to tap the Town Hall while all elixir-recharged defenses are under upgrade
• Fixed a crash when fighting Lava Hound and Pups near the edge of the map
• Fixed a crash when trying to donate to the war map while a troop or spell production building is under upgrade
• Fixed the request/full/timer tips not showing correctly above the Clan Castle in certain situations
• Fixed player profile bug where Level 1 Grand Warden could be incorrectly shown as unlocked
• Various UI cleanup and fixes

P.S: Get ready for Holiday special, 1 Gem resource boost is coming next week!!​