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Thread: DSG lvl 6 clan looking for new blood

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    DSG lvl 6 clan looking for new blood

    Hello clash of clans world DSG here amd we are looking for new members. We are a great clan that just came off a 17 match win streak unfortunately during the win streak we went through a merger and it snapped our win streak. We need new blood in order to get our mojo back and we are looking for a few great members to join us.
    We war 3 times a week
    longest win streak was 17
    must be loyal and active
    th 7 and up preferred
    Clan tag PL8YYLGG
    just put jarule invited you on the message hopefully see everyone soon

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    Bump check us out

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    Any questions just ask away

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    check us out

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    Check us out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lumberhoneyjack View Post
    Check us out
    Check us out

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    Check us out see original message

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