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Thread: Blue NH Boat Box & that ! - What it really means

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    Blue NH Boat Box & that ! - What it really means

    Hey everyone!

    So apologies if this has already been posted somewhere, I found this out a few weeks ago and been meaning to post and keeping forgetting..

    So when the NH Help box on the boat came out, everyone was happy (yay) but then everyone wasn't (boo) because we were getting notification in the DD/Helper tab of help needed for a box we COULDNT fill..

    that is not the case my lil friends, if you go to a farm that has a ! and the blue NH box is the ONLY help on the boat you can see, then there's something else on the farm that needs help, once you find it (although the blue box still needs NH help) the ! will disappear..

    Tried and tested multiple times! we don't get notification ! for NH help so take a look around there will be something else for you to do

    Happy Haydaying!

    UPDATE if it's someone in YOUR NH then the ! Will be there for the blue crate the above is only for people not in your hood
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    Hi missed you round here

    Thank ,,didn't know that,will be soooo good when doing help tasks!

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