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    Town Hall 11 update - post your FEEDBACK here

    We'd love to hear your feedback about this update! Make sure to leave your comments below


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    Update is live

    Yeaa, Update is here

    but sad thing my th 9 base looks so small Bcoz of the increase in map size hehehehe..

    Noticed one small change..

    In chat , it displays ur Username Not 'YOU'.

    Awesome Update
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    Thank you supercell for your efforts
    1. I like the wallpaper very much
    2. I hope you add a timer for PBT to make it easy for us to manage our gameplay
    3. I really like the attacking through shield ... now easy to trophy pushing and get what you lost
    Everything else is amazing .. i just played against Eagle and its really cool graphic ... way to go

    There is a new bad habit " the trophy dropping " they just deploy single barb or heroes and end the battle .. we get vg and extended pbt ...

    Also i notice the attacks are now more less than i expected until (16/12/2015).. my base without shield with more than 15 hours and i have loot maximum 200k gold and elixer ... nobody prefer using full army to get few loots that will bring another problem with pbt it can be reset if u get a shield and since few people attacking its hard to reset our pbt ( i did not face any problem with it until now )
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    playing now

    So far so good!! since all my bases have their townhalls inside, some of the first attacks against my villages are not much different.
    Maxed th11 now, so far i had 8 attackers and all never got a single star!
    My Experience with personal break timer

    what? the game says take a break ( have a kit kat )
    My new personal break time clock

    i will edit this reply later
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    dual abilities? yeah! keeps your weapons heavy

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    It's aliiiive!

    First impression is the border expansion and the edge being 3 tile space now.

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    Aah first piz or 22nd

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    Feedback after two days of playing the TH11 update

    So far... I have very mixed feeling about the update.

    Casual players (the ones which are not attacking several times every day) are in hell now. The game turned much more into "pay-2-win" format.
    For example: My nephew - he is almost maxed TH8, farming like for 1 hour once per week... he enjoys only wars and his progress of upgrades was based mostly on resources from pumps. Right now, he cant get 6 mils of elix together. Why? Because he is raided and bullied by stronger players and the lost resources are not returning from his pumps. He is thinking about quiting.. like most of the people in my clan. It is sad. I know all of them in RL (co-workers, ex-co-workers, friends) and CoC was pretty nice way how to chill "together".

    If this was SC's intention, well.. I respect that. But do you realize that this "social" part of the game makes the COC unique and successful? Ofc, hardcore farmers are going to stay. They can get the lost resources back... but clans are full of people who are only chatting, attacking in CW and do not farm at all.. those guys are going to be washed away with this update.. because it is frustrating to "not move forward" at all.

    The "TH snipe" issue was an exploit, I cant deny it, but people were living with it for years and such change was totally brutal. Moreover, if you think about it - The problem was not the TH snipe itself.. it is the fact that "trophies" are useless to normal people. Only the few top percents of players care about them. There is no "reward" or "motivation" for these normal gamers (ok, there is one time reward in form of achievment.. but in long term there is nothing). And THAT is the problem. The leagues are only giving us some fancy badge and a bit of bonus loot (which is very low now, actually...). If 80% of attacks before the update were TH snipes, then you should ask yourself one simple question "Why do not people care about trophies?". Why would I push? I know that I cant reach the top without tons of money.. so why would I bother to try it? IN MY HUMBLE OPINION - SC tried to fix the exploit, but asked "incorrect" question when looking for some solution - "How to force people to hide their Townhalls?"

    Well, thats one of the dark sides of the update. But everyone can say this is only speculation and that the situation is not that bad.

    However, there is another HUGE trouble. Even for non casuals...

    As a maxed defense/lab TH9 (lava walls 105/250, heroes 22/21), I am target only when I have some juicy loot in my storages and some strong TH10 finds me. But with empty storages, I am not attacked at all. This is actually HUGE problem... why? Because of the time-bug which is in the game. During the times I am offline my village is displayed by a tons of people.. and the army which is being made in the barracks is not finished in the time that it should be.
    Before the update - I was sniped even when I had nothing in my storages and that secured the fact, that nobody is gonna display my village in the matchmaking.. and the building time of my army was almost correct. I performed several tests after the update:
    I started building Lava Hound exactly at 14:05, then I went off and returned after 30 minutes at 14:35 to see the timer on the barracks.. and I was shocked when I saw 33 minutes instead of 15!
    You know what, Supercell? I really liked the game. I spent a lot of time with it during the last two years since it came to android. I recruited a lot of my RL friends to it. I had a lot of fun. I spent some money in the past, but thats not gonna happen again until this is fixed. Because with money we buy gems - with gems we buy time - but that time is being stolen from us thanks to this bug. And dont tell me that you cant fix such thing. If you dont know how, hire bunch of some experienced programmers and fix it.

    I hope that SC still care about the players, because that is what made the CoC great game.

    Feedback Update PART II. (4 days after update):

    - Well, the PBT is definitely broken as well and it is probably not being refreshed as it should be
    - My clan started to fall apart. Many people are going to uninstall the game if SC does not change the mechanics from the current state.

    Feedback Update PART III (One week after the update)

    I am not quite sure where to start as I am watching the snow falling down upon the abandoned villages of my clan mates. First of all, SuperCell let down the community thanks to the lack of any kind of communication. Two short posts on the forums (with no specific info about the future steps) after such gamebreaking update and huge negative response from the majority of the players... that is really not enough. And they continue to be silent.
    One may say - "but they released the hotfix update!", heh.. of course, but it does not address the biggest issues at all.
    Dont take it offensive, but it is very unproffesional.

    I work as SAP consultant in a big logistics company (SAP = enterprise resource planning software used by a lot of big companies... for those who wonder) and I just simply cant imagine the situation that we go live with some update and be silent like this. Even when there is slight error in my program code / or in some new process - the first thing I am going to do is to keep the people which are negatively affected UPDATED about the future progress and possible solutions.

    When I first read the sneak peak about the shield changes.. I was like "Oh, hell, no... I am going to uninstall this game...", but.. that was rather "explosive reaction without thinking about it".. So then I though.. well, lets give it a chance... huge company like SC with milions of players/customers cant go wrong. I expected that they must have some background info and they think about all the consequences. I have to admit that I was even a bit excited shortly before the update came.
    But the reality looks to be far from my expectations now.

    I am not economist. I have only basic idea how the macro economy works, but with simple equation...

    + Loot from non-shielded bases with juicy storages
    - Free Loot from bonuses from TH snipes
    - Loot from casuals which are able to dump their resources into walls and are not saving for big upgrades at all (because their income is lower than outcome in case they try to keep bigger amount of resources in their storages)
    - Less loot, because collector raids are much more rare thanks to tons unshielded empty villages in the matchmaking - this force players to build more expensive army (GiBarch costs much more than barch or bam) and the nexting is starting to be issue as well

    .. you can imagine that the game starts to be hell even for more active farmers.

    Again - as I said before - if this was your intention - to change the game into this direction, Supercell, then we have to respect that - it is your game, made by you.... But please state it somewhere, otherwise it looks like you have no idea what you are doing and that you don't care about the community which helped you to success by playing and support for years

    In case this attitude will not change... Last one to leave, please turn out the lights.

    Feedback Episode IV: A New Hope (Two weeks after the update)

    Quote Originally Posted by Anoushka[Supercell] View Post
    I understand that changes to shields/PBTs are not to everyone's liking and it will require some time to adjust. But we did listen and we are still listening to your feedback, we did some improvements to the Personal Break timers and should we find more ways to improve it further, we will do so.
    We are also looking into resources, as well as TH balancing, but these adjustments require time. It's a brand new system out there, we need to carefully think of ways that will benefit all players.
    Supercell is still silent. I guess that they should get some PR lessons. But I still hope they will listen to us and tweak the game so it will be not frustrating for the casual players. I had to instert this quote here. Maybe more players and forumers will see it. This is the only statement we have.

    More observations after the two weeks:
    - 10 of 40 players in my clan are now inactive (the casual ones which were running mostly on pumps). it is sad, but I understand them - it is impossible to save resources for bigger upgrade when your outcome is smaller than your income. The rest of the clan is highly demoralized now. We are having trouble to get 10 people together for CW.
    - Moreover - CW matchmaking seems to be more inaccurate after the last hotfix (we are being matched against much stronger or much weaker opponents)... but maybe it was coincidence.
    - farming for me is "OK" (not tragic, nor great - but I can live with it.. although it is worse than before the update). I can find loot and get it with GiBarch. DE farming is OK as well (AQ+Healer still works, but you have to be more careful). There is a lot less abandoned villages in the matchmaking.. you have to go for storage raids and next more. However, I am active player with maxed TH9... I can imagine that it could be hell for fresh Town Halls
    - SuperCell wanted to make players care if they win the defence, but so far it is huge fail. Town Hall is still nothing extra compared to the other resource buildings for the farmers. As I stated before - they were asking incorrect questions when looking for the solution of TH snipe exploit. Leagues are now much more useless indicator. Bonus loot sucks. If 80% of attacks were TH snipes before the update, then now 99% of attacks are barb drops to silver. Well done....

    Oh.. and the time bug is super annoying. When I am unshielded (90% of time) and cooking war troops, it takes usually 20-30% more of time than it should to finish my army (I really dont want to stay online during the time its being cooked.. because I have life, you know... + that cumulative PBT thingy - I dont want to be forced from the game in the key moment of the clan war). I had to boost with gem before the end of one war to do the second attack. Annoying.
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    Bad ,, very bad

    ARE Developers happy now !!?

    ARE Developers happy now ?
    I was saying from the first sneak pack ,, the game going to ruin ..
    Many posts explaining what we will face has been deleted , close ,or merged to avoid people see the truth by logical examples of what we are faceing now .

    The moderators just want to hide our reviews and points of view .
    They were calling us wippers . Now you can face the truth ..

    And the legend said hehehe 80% snipping so lets ruin the game ..

    And as I said BEFORE

    R.I.P COC,
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