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Thread: Ash's Post-Update Farming Bases (Town Hall Inside Base)

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    Ash's Post-Update Farming Bases (Town Hall Inside Base)

    I'm looking for great defense replays for all the bases in this thread to record for video. If you believe that you have a great defense and have the replay, then let me know by posting in this thread your clan tag and in game name. I will request to join your clan to watch the replay and maybe record it too if I like it (and upload to YouTube). I am also looking for bad defenses too, if the base got totally wrecked. Let me know!

    Shortcut URL to thread: (share with your clanmates)
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    'Subscribe' on YouTube: (Speed Builds of all new bases will be uploaded as soon as update arrives)

    For Town Hall 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 players. And soon TH11!

    This will be my project thread for the upcoming update. As a result of the update, all pre-existing farming bases will be condemned as outdated. Thus, I've created this thread to not only find suitable ways of reforming my pre-existing farming bases, but also re-invent and design new bases for defending our precious resource.

    Current Projects:

    - Tectonic (TH9)
    - New Anti-Quake/Jump Hypercube X (TH10)
    - HellCat (TH6)
    - New CRUX (TH9)

    - Aurora (TH10 Hybrid)
    - Airdrop (TH9)
    - Airdrop (TH8)
    - Hypercube X (TH10)
    - Hypercube (TH8.5)
    - Hypercube IX (TH9) V1
    - Hypercube IX (TH9) V2


    Tectonic (TH9):

    (Similar to the old anti-EQ Hypercube base that I wanted to refurbish with the new changes, but instead came up with something different as it needed to be different. Highly spread walls to keep Earthquake/Jump Spells ineffective from funneling in Giants/Golems to core. Base doesn't have a name yet, so will just call it the "anti-quake" base for now.


    Hypercube X - TH10 Farming Base!

    New TH6 HellCat

    Build of base:
    VIDEO =
    Picture of base:

    New TH9 Crux

    Have been working on not only re-designing the Crux farming base for the new update, but also making it even better! I believe I have done just that with this new sleek design:

    Build of base:

    Picture of base:

    How is this different from the original Crux design?
    - Obviously Town Hall is now inside the base, but is also nice confined in the core.
    - Even better DE protection. The DE Storage is now completely centralized and surrounded by core walls that prevent the Archer Queen from targeting the DE Storage over the walls (attacker will need to either break the walls or jump over).
    - Like the original Crux, all storages are protected in a separate compartment and spread all around the base for an incredibly balanced protection.
    - An even bigger, intimidating design.
    - No more double giant bombs (but decent protection against Hogs with anti-resource ring). Instead, the Giant Bombs are better utilized to fight against tier 1 troops and Wizards/Witches from around the base (which are a more common threat than mass Hogs).
    Aurora (TH10 Hybrid)


    Airdrop (TH 8.5 and TH9 farming base)

    Build for TH9 and TH8.5 Variation:

    Have been working on a post update TH9 farming base that features balanced Gold and Elixir protection with high DE protection. With so many storages along with the 4x4 tile Town Hall as a storage, balancing loot protection has become very challenging. Nevertheless, this base should give you an example of how a balanced protection farming base looks in the future:


    Airdrop TH8 Farming/Hybrid

    Here's a TH8 'post-update' farming base I've been working on a lot lately:

    - Why are collectors outside and away from the range of defenses?
    This is to attract attackers to attack your outside structures so they can deal at least 30% damage to your base, so you can get a 12 hour shield (and let them get an easy 50%). Welcome to the new age of "sniping." For example:

    Post-Update Hypercube X (TH10)(note: current map size doesn't allow for some outside buildings)

    Hypercube TH8.5 Version Build:

    The new Hypercube IX (TH9):

    Version 2

    Build of base:

    Picture of base:

    Version 1


    My Thoughts and Explanations of the Update:

    Also, check out my thoughts about the update on how it will change farming, defending, pushing, etc:


    What we know about the update:

    - Town Hall is now weighted as 1 Gold Storage + 1 Elixir Storage + 1/4 DE Storage and is considered a 'storage unit.'
    - The Clan Castle is also now considered a 'storage unit.' Goblins may now be able to target both the Town Hall and Clan Castle as they will be considered "storage units."
    - 30% damage to base grants you a 12 hour shield. 60% damage to your base grants you a 14 hour shield. 90% damage = 16 hour shield.
    - You may retrieve your loss by attacking, but with a 3 hour shield time reduction. Attacking twice will cost a 7 hour shield loss (3 hours + 4 hours).
    - Attacker must use at least 1/3rd of his maximum potential army for you to obtain a shield after you incur a minimum 30% damage.

    (Please let me know if I missed something)

    The Underlying Implications

    What this means for farming bases (facts and my theories):

    - Attacker destroying your Town Hall will not grant you a shield. If your Town Hall is destroyed, then you will lose resources in equivalence to 1 Gold Storage + 1 Elixir Storage + 1/4 DE Storage. Thus, the Town Hall should now be weighed greater and be placed inside the base protected by defenses.
    - With a greater significance now, the Town Hall should be better protected than a sole Elixir or Gold Storage.
    - The Town Hall should not be clumped with other storages as this will direct attacks towards the direction of resources that are most easily accessible. Clumped storage units also mean less defensive coverage (less protection) to storages, meaning they will be easier to steal.
    - The Town Hall as a storage unit does not mean more loot is accessible for attackers to steal, it means that the Town Hall 'shares' the overall exploitable loot with the other storage units. Thus, there will be significantly less (20% less) loot for an attacker to steal from either a Gold or Elixir Storage.
    - As a farming base, the Dark Elixir storage should still remain as the most precious storage. The Town Hall ranks second.
    - With Town Halls inside the base, attackers will look to 50% your base more often than target your Town Hall to obtain trophies (in order to obtain loot bonus or maintain trophies). Thus, you must place and spread your non-defensive units (collectors, barracks, camps, etc.) on the outskirts of your base and away from the range of defenses. This will allow attackers to use an Archer to destroy your building so they can obtain the 50%, while you obtain your shield. It's a win-win situation for both.
    - However, you must also force the attacker to use at least 33% of their maximum potential army for you to obtain a shield. And so, you should only have a limited number of non-defensive units as freebie %. Otherwise the attacker will use less than a 33% army to 50%.
    - However, it is still ideal for you to place a large amount of non-defensive units outside your base (unprotected by defenses), as even if the attacker uses less than 33% army (not very likely), the only thing you'll lose is a few trophies and some pennies from your emptied out collectors.
    - Gold and Elixir Storages should be spread out as much as possible. Why? You have two options: 1. Protect all storages and get attacked hard (as weaker attackers will avoid attacking you) or 2. Sacrifice 1 or 2 semi-exposed (but highly segregated) Gold and Elixir Storages to attract weaker attackers to steal a small portion of your loot, get 30%+'ed, and obtain a 12 hour shield.
    - What about trapping the Town Hall to attract attackers and to also obtain 30% damage at the same time? The Town Hall is not the most precious unit for a farmer, it is the Dark Elixir Storage. Thus, if you trap your Town Hall in leagues below Masters League, then you will risk losing DE and more resources from heavy attackers attacking you from your weaker side (as you will have more defenses focused on protecting the Town Hall). While it does sound like a good option to trap a semi-exposed Town Hall in Masters League (higher loot bonus for attackers) and higher, but again a smart attacker (who will also be a good attacker) will attack you from your weaker side and you may incur heavier losses. Whether these types of bases will work will require lots of testing.

    (Let me know if you disagree or have more ideas)
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    reserving this post
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    tester at the ready.
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    Great Timing

    Quote Originally Posted by Eternal625 View Post
    Current Projects:

    I am currently working on revamping my Hypercube base. Expect a screenshot of what I'm working on in a few hours! You guys will be the first to help me test all the new bases that I'll be working on and reforming on this thread.

    Thanks for reading!
    Your timing is impeccable and insights valued!! Your articulation makes good sense for the new update. For those of us (and I include myself) that couldn't base design ourselves out of a wet paper bag we all look forward to your new designs.

    I also will test !
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    Waiting to change my base.
    Hypercube is the best base I had.

    I will test too, but have both of my xbows upgrading.
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    ready to test !

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    Ash i would be willing to test. I've been using the Hypercube X and it has been the most successful farming base I've used at any level and it isn't purely because of the infernos
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    suscribed !!

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    Um,Other then here COC
    lets go nice ash !!

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    Subscribed, I would love to see a th8 base post-update, since I will most likely not be done with them until a bit after the update.

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