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Thread: How to lose trophies and becoming rich at the same time!

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    Post How to lose trophies and becoming rich at the same time!

    Hey guys, my name ingame is Dragonborn. Its my pleasure to be here. Sorry for any gramatic error, for I'm not american and my main language is portuguese.
    I'm not a Pro at this game. But i've been playing for some time and already understood a good part of the game.
    This topic is more for those that are starting now, but I hope that everyone of you that read the informations, like it.

    This strategy is separated in three steps.

    Step 1 -
    You'll have to find a town hall not too strong and "abondonated, which consists on people that leaves gold and elixir on the collectors.

    Step 2 - You need to study the town. Search were is the best spot to throw your troops and Search traps. See were you think the enemy put them.

    Step 3 - You need to destroy all collectors and get the most gold and elixir you can. When you've done that, its simple. Forfait. Be careful to not destroy the TH or 50% of the enemy, because you're not going to lose. Unless that, of course, is your intention.

    Studying The Enemy:

    Here it is an Example of a good enemy to attack. I'll explain the colored parts:

    Blue - Basically, the first part. As you can see, the enemy had a good amount of gold and elixir, but the Storages didn't show up any sign that it was full. The perfect case for our strategy.

    Red - Well, the collectors are clearly full, it is perfect. But now, we have to study were to put our troops so they can get all of it.

    Green - Looking at the enemy, that were the best spot to attack and destroy all the collectors nearby. You can see how I did it Here: The blue part means that I destroyed the defense with the archers (my backup troops), the green is were the spot I've putted my troops and the red, wrong spot to put troops (be careful as this may screw up everything)

    Video of how it Works:

    Image of it:

    P.S: I use BARCH (Barbarian+Archers) because of the low cost of elixir, which makes it much easier to full the storages.

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