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Thread: Holiday and Seasonal Graphical Decorations Every Few Months

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    Holiday and Seasonal Graphical Decorations Every Few Months

    So first I'll say that I've been playing roughly 3 months and I've no idea if any of these happen yet. I have already tried using the advanced search function so forgive me if I overlooked any similar thread. I've read the rules, common requests, index, etc. So far, I've not seen this idea out there yet.

    What this thread is about:
    Anything related to appearances in the context of a season or holiday occasion. Just for fun

    I liked the changes in the game during October. Spooky trees, cauldrons, etc. This game me an idea that other things could have very minor changes that can be re-used every few months to add new life into the game. I'm not suggesting all of these things should be done all at once, but one or two things would be a nice surprise. Consider this for example:

    Winter Holiday season:

    1. Barbarian King with a santa hat.
    2. Wallbreakers with Elf hats (like santa's workers).
    3. Archers with Elf hats.
    4. Dragons with Reindeer antlers.
    5. Hog Riders with santa hats.
    6. Healers that make snow as they fly around.
    7. Balloon bombers that drop presents that blow up, also have santa hats.
    8. Wizards wearing santa suits and have white beards.
    9. Pekka is a snowman with a candy cane.
    10. Troops briefly leave snow tracks on the ground.

    Base decorations:
    1. Normal/permanent trees that surround the base are pine trees with snow. (rather than always being on a beach).
    2. Piles of snow appear every so often, of which you can use to build a snowman after so many days of collecting. This snowman then grants some kind of gift, or becomes a decoration.
    3. Town Hall is a Gingerbread house or Santa workshop.
    4. A tree appears at your base which you can decorate over time by collecting ornaments.
    5. Camps have stockings hanging around the rocks.
    6. Builders wear an elf costume while they work.
    7. Clan Castle is made of snow.

    1. Wizard tower is standing on an ice mountain. OR he looks like a snowman.
    2. Archer towers are lined with tinsel and lights.
    3. Cannons shoot snowballs at people.

    I'm not an artist but if you have anything you'd like to add, feel free to post away!

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    Skeletons should get little santa hats, because that would be cute. Like some of the ideas. But for number one on base decorations during the winter update trees do have snow and surrounding stuff it thats what you mean. It also snows which is pretty cool.
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