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    The way they were going,I expected another troop level todday.But suprise ! 2 new achievements ! SC go out of their way to suprise us..Yes,they're stalling..The poorly designed minion sneak peek shows that.Wonder how many othere useless things we are going to see.

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    Or, you could watch Daddy's video.. he didnt hide the name.
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    Attachment 147412

    From the video

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    Quote Originally Posted by nahitzen View Post
    And this comes from someone who has defended them throught the whole update, but this is too idiotic.
    the healers are so nerfed now that they might as well delete the healer from the game THE HEALER DIDNT NEED A NERF
    I agrea they changed healers awhile back not to trigger bomb traps, at that time it was my understanding that was done to promote using healers more,,so the community found a viable strategy with them,,,and they nerf it, I don't get it
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    maybe the sneak peek will be go on to the third week😅

    hopefully thats not all troops that became a new level.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jarvee View Post
    hopefully this healer nerf ends superqueen, it said it works pretty well for up to 6 healers but thats still quite a bit of healing... i was thinking 4 or 5 but thats probably the healing strength of 6+ healers
    Why? Super Queen takes some skill to use effectively. It's not a spam tactic. In fact, it's part of the multi-phase attacks that they supposedly encouraged at ClashCon.

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    Chief Pat didnt even took the name out, in his video you can see it for more than just a second.

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    Thumbs up

    Today's sneak peak: NOTHING CHANGED FOR ANYONE BELOW TH 9!

    I though wall breakers higher levels, when seeing the cover picture, but no, nothing new, no new achievements for the rest of us.

    Tomorrow's sneak peak: New Hero at TH 11.
    Sunday's sneak peak: New dark troop.

    Game over.

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    What another sneeky peak!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by LachNessMeownster View Post
    Says who?
    They are peeking into what's coming in the update?
    Yawn.!!! Keep it coming buddies. Milk every ounce of enthusiasm. Nice job supercell and your merry band of trolls.!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sticksman View Post
    After update we will be attacked more as we can't hide behind TH snipes. But that is OK as we can raid through the shield we do get when hit for over 30% and if 37% of our army comp has been used. Raiding through the shield eliminates the shield after three attacks but we may have recouped the loot we lost. With no shield we get attacked again and.........repeat.......repeat.........what a fun game eh. I have this wrong obviously, could someone clarify please?
    There's more to it than that and until the update has been in place a few weeks to get the new game patterns going, it won't be very clear just how things level out.

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