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    Quote Originally Posted by SolarIce View Post
    Be a money grab as it may, to NOT increase the camp space for Th11 would be beyond idiotic. I really do not think they would go this route. A more likely scenario is them not increasing the CC capacity (even though that is also needed).

    I think that both CC and Camps will get increased, but gotta wait and see what happens. No other choice.
    That depends on what TH11 gets for troop upgrades. Technically if you get substantial troop level buffs, more camp space would not be needed

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    Quote Originally Posted by PocketD View Post
    I understand them wanting the difficulty level to be pretty high, but when a vast amount of players at TH 10 shoot for 2 stars and consider it a win, something isn't right. We should still be aiming at 3 stars. I don't care how skilled your are, 3 starring a max TH10 is like a unicorn. Mythological...only heard of....rarely seen....
    exactly. with so many people copying the internet shared maps for TH10 and it being easy to build inferno towers it really makes no sense to go for a 3 star. adding more camp space is totally necessary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NioTheDreamer View Post
    That depends on what TH11 gets for troop upgrades. Technically if you get substantial troop level buffs, more camp space would not be needed
    you got 2 damn inferno towers that burn anything in seconds and hidden teslas that strike way too fast for smaller troops to handle so honestly who wants a level 7 minion when it dies just a millisecond later than its level 6?
    the same goes for witches. blown up by giant bombs, one shot by maxed cannons or teslas....who really need these fked up troop buffs anyways?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hoopstime98 View Post
    So other than the snipes - doesn't affect gameplay

    also other than the PBT changes - just a change to how you get kicked off, doesn't really affect gameplay

    other than the Village Guard changes - just a small modification to the shield system, again not affecting gameplay

    other than the league bonus changes - less loot unless you get ~60%, so this is a bad change, again not affecting actual gameplay, just less loot

    other than the extended attack and scout times - 30 extra seconds won't affect MOST attacks, just those Hog or Lavaloon attacks that need the extra time to get 3; the attacks will still be the exact same

    other than the next button changes - doesn't affect gameplay, just something that should have been there all along

    other than the trophy offer changes - only affects the premiere max TH10 players who are going to TH11, so this is really a TH11 update

    other than the spell donation changes - this one will be fun, but for most attacks, it won't make a huge difference; having 2 Poison will mean that no CC troops are safe, and you can now do even more Zap-quake; not very exciting...

    other than TH9 getting freeze - Have you used Freeze level 1? It's not worth a spell slot! A TH9 attacking Infernos is better served by bringing Giants + Rage/Heal, so this is a pointless update
    I corrected your comments.

    Which of these are "game-changing", as they promised? Removing snipes changes things, but my day-to-day gameplay is identical to how it was before.

    Which of the above updates is actually EXCITING to people!?

    The next button fix is the most exciting one to me. It's sad that the most exciting part of their "game-changing update" is a fix for a stupid misclick.


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    The upgrade for the witch was long overdue. The only troop to be maxed at level 2!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anoushka[Supercell] View Post
    Since the main thread is already getting too big and loading very slowly for many users, let's continue the update preview here.

    #8 Sneak Peek
    Introducing: the new Minion level 7! See it in action, here

    #8 Forum Exclusive: Boost reduced to 5gems/1h (Heroes, Barracks, Spell Factory)

    #9 Sneak Peek
    The Witch is also getting an upgrade to level 3!
    See her summoning some skeletons, here

    #9 Forum Exclusive: Reduced the cost of Nexting at TH10 to 900

    More tomorrow!
    Witch lvl 3 AWESOME IDEA I had suggested to make it lvl3 before

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    Quote Originally Posted by mossolini View Post
    so just to be clear lvl 2 spawned 8 skeletons, lvl 3 does 10, and increase in health... thats it?

    also how can i edit my signature to show what level i am etc ....etc ...
    No, lvl 2 spawns 4, limit 8 on the field at any one time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grill View Post
    But when something like an update is to be expected all stupid breaks loose and it just becomes an idiot storm of catastrophic proportion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Maverick View Post
    Any more balance to th10 will make th10 broken...
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    When is the end of the sneak peeks??
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    Unhappy it's not fair (Where is the update for TH10 ???)

    it's not fair
    All for the present
    But TH10 was forgotten.

    TH10 himself is the independent troops?

    TH8= Golem

    TH9= lava, jump, freeze, queen, witch

    But TH10=???? TH10 himself What new troops????

    I'm TH10 and I am very very very worried about and upset it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Farhan96 View Post
    When is the end of the sneak peeks??
    No ones really sure, but there are a lot of guesses out there. End of this week or early next week seems to be where most people think they'll end.

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