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    Let there be Sneak Peeks!!!

    #1 Sneak Peek
    From the Dev's Desk: Shields - Part I: Attacking and Defending
    Read it --> here

    #2 Sneak Peek
    From the Dev's Desk: Shields - Part II: Village Guard and Personal Breaks
    Read it --> here

    #3 Sneak Peek
    From the Dev's Desk: Loot, League Bonuses and Trophy Offers
    Read it -> here

    Other Changes:

    • All trap rearm costs massively reduced (~75% rearm cost reduction on average of all traps)
    • X-Bow reload costs massively reduced (~70% reload cost reduction for all levels)
    • Time until you can be attacked after going offline increased from 1 minute to 5 minutes (to help cases of accidentally going offline)

    #4 Sneak Peek
    Your Village is growing, Chief! That's right, we're expanding the village area. And don't worry, we're also increasing the attack time by 30 seconds (multiplayer and clan wars)!

    Note: only obstacles that currently are on the village border (on top of it or even touching it) will move to the new border.

    #4 Forum Exclusive: War Preparation Day reduced to 23 hours.

    Recap video for sneak peek #4, here.

    #5 Sneak Peek
    Starting at Clan Castle level 4, you can now request/donate one Dark Spell to your clan mates! And the new donation menu now shows what's already been donated!

    #5 Forum Exclusive: Safety zone around Next button increased to avoid accidental troop deployment when looking for a target!

    See the new donation menu in action, here.

    #6 Sneak Peek
    Coming soon: Wizard Tower level 9, Laboratory level 9, Gold Storage & Elixir Storage level 12!
    See all new levels -> here

    #6 Forum Exclusive: You'll get a sound notification when you find a Village after being in clouds over one minute. You'll also hear the sound when the Retry button appears.

    #7 Sneak Peek
    EXTRA defenses at Town Hall 11: Cannon, Archer Tower, Wizard Tower and X-Bow!

    #7 Forum Exclusive: Freeze Spell level 1 now available at Town Hall 9

    #8 Sneak Peek
    Introducing: the new Minion level 7! See it in action, here

    #8 Forum Exclusive: Boost reduced to 5gems/1h (Heroes, Barracks, Spell Factory)

    #9 Sneak Peek
    The Witch is also getting an upgrade to level 3!
    See her summoning some skeletons, here

    #9 Forum Exclusive: Reduced the cost of Nexting at TH10 to 900

    #10 Sneak Peek
    Two brand new Achievements incoming! Destroy the new Town Hall 11 Defense and Donate Spells to your Clan mates to earn some sweet gems!

    #10 Forum Exclusive: reduction in effectiveness of multiple Healers on the same target (no change to range)

    More exciting gameplay -> link

    #11 Sneak Peek
    The moment we've all been waiting for! Introducing our new Hero...


    See him on attack, here.

    #11 Forum Exclusive: Hero has 20 levels

    #12 Sneak Peek
    We've seen him on offense, now it's time to see the Grand Warden's rock-solid defense!

    => (Video by Galadon)

    #12 Forum Exclusive: Max TH11 War Loot: 660000 Gold/Elixir, 3600 Dark Elixir (before Clan Perks)

    #13 Sneak Peek
    Last but definitely not the least, coming at Town Hall 11 we have the Eagle Artillery!
    The Eagle Artillery has nearly unlimited range and targets tough enemies with exploding shells.
    However, it won’t activate until a large amount of troops have been deployed.

    #13 Forum Exclusive: Eagle Artillery defense has two levels

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    New shields, village guard, Loot changes, Bigger villages, Donating dark spells, New Wizard tower lvl 9, MORE DEFENSES... Yes!

    Video Playlist for video coverage of all the sneak peeks here:

    Attachment 146703

    I'm sure we'll all be fine after playing with the new update for a few attacks and defenses! I hope it balances the game, and mostly for me, it's all about checking in on my new troops only to see I'm shielded and discouraged from attacking, so I'm glad this update will fix that!
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    CR > CoC
    Wooot, finally!
    100% F2P
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    So excited for the upcoming update, this will help bring new life to the game and forever change the way we play.

    Don't forget to check out, like, and subscribe to Red Elite's very own Clash with Ash for behind the scenes analysis of the upcoming update. He will be collaborating with other YouTubers' bringing a little twist on the traditional sneek peeks videos.
    He will be releasing analysis on how he and others believe the changes announced will affect the immediate game and game play moving forward.

    Ashlain from Clash With Ash, releases a hilarious Update Rap
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    YESSS 10 chars

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    Yay first page
    EDIT: RIP sniping 2012-2015
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    RIP free shields

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    Great!!! Wow
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