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    Shield changes <-- discuss it HERE!

    #1 Sneak Peek

    From the Dev's Desk: Shields - Part I: Attacking and Defending
    Read it --> here

    In summary, by Stitch:

    While defending:
    - TH destroyed = NO shield
    - 30% destruction = 12 hour shield
    - 60% destruction = 14 hour shield
    - 90%+ destruction = 16 hour shield
    - Shield only given IF 1/3rd of attacking army is used (based on the defender's TH level)

    While attacking:
    - You can attack while under a shield
    - Searching for an attack does NOT reduce shield time
    - An attack during a shield will reduce the shield, NOT cancel it (3 hours first attack, increasing for further attacks)

    You will be attacking and defending more in this new system, read above for more details.


    TBC tomorrow!
    Official Clash FAQs & Support --> click here

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    Shield changes <-- discuss it HERE!

    No more TH outside....
    No sniping
    No farming
    Good or No?

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    It's not the end of farming IMO, it is however the end of sniping up in cups, but thats another matter

    Yes we won't have a TH outside shield, but we will have a 30% shield so no more 39% good defences but no shield.

    The BIG thing for me is being able to 'browse' bases whilst on shield to find the massive collector and then sacrifice 3 hours of shield to take it.
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    Yup. Goodbye farming, it was fun while it lasted. Sniff.

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    No more shields after destroyed Town Hall

    Now whats the new strategy for protecting resources and getting shields?

    let the discussion begin!

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    Rest in pepperoni - farming. It was fun.

    i actually might consider quitting the game. I'm serious.
    when i read Th no longer grants shield I stopped reading.
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    Wow I really disliked it rly...
    Check my GFX shop too...
    Also check my detailed idea :

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    Let it begin in the official thread and not this one right ?

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    Made it on the first page woot woot! These changes are gonna be huge. It's not only gonna change the game for farmers but for everyone in a big way and we've only seen the tip of the iceberg here. Can't wait for more. Get your sniping in while its still good
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    well now you need to farm for real,not just loot bonus farming which is kinda sad. I guess for those who want to push up a higher league should do it as there are snipes.
    It is SC way of countering people who use fluffies to get snipes easily
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