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    In okay to try this as long as they don't throw the very inactive bases off the grid and increase loot bonus a lot. At least enough to cover an army.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IlDiavolo View Post
    I don't get it why would anyone put TH inside after the update... because of what?
    Because of the next sneak peek and the fact that you would end up with zero trophies.
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    On your screen

    Taking away the best part of the game from the game!

    One simply doesn't take away cheese from cheeseburgers.

    Sniping isn't a fair thing that much is understood, but you are introducing a new defense, could've waited a while till people adapt to the new defense and come up with new attack strategies. This would not only hurt farmers but also trophy pushers who are up already with lower townhall levels considering even townhall 10 would be low townhall soon. This would give a huge advantage to the gemmers who would just gem things as soon as they come up and up in titans league they would have advantage over both attacking and defense as they will be a th11 as soon as it comes it would make people drop like crazy, not just because they wouldn't be able to defend against th11 players, they would fail miserably with the new defense being there.

    Also this supposed "sheild while attacking" will make even more no lifers since they would wait out till their sheilds are over then start their 6 hour session, making people play even longer they used to play in the first place. Clouds are bad as it can get and doing that would get trophy offers even lower and clouds more denser. I am at 4700s so I know the clouds well.

    I know this is just the first sneak peak but I am sure the issues I raised would be regarded as collateral damage by supercell. Why scare people off the game to trying to make money when you guys are already the top grossing app :\ We all know what grandpa says about greedy people dear devs. I hope this game doesn't go down the drain.

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    Does your Th hase any purpose now?

    Just asking because I don't see the point of "protecting" it (trophy base for example) if it just has become a regular building.

    If I read the post correctly wacking an opponents TH don't get you a star so it just becomes a regular building Imo.

    And will this no star for th also effect clan wars btw?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ODempsey View Post
    If I quit this game, I'd inform SC and have my Village removed to make your life that much more difficult.
    Yeah, you can enjoy free loot for about a week or so, then the base is removed from the pool of raidable bases, never to resurface until I log on again. Good luck to you!

    And if I ever quit, Ima drop to sub200 so the people who really need it get my loot

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    Relax, people. More info to come and players always find ways to adapt. Farming is only changing, not dying. One side effect that makes me happy is making it harder on war engineered accounts.

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    If you are a serious farmer, you will probably deplete your shield completely when you go to farm anyways, so that aspect hasn't changed. However, you won't get shields as easily, and so you get harassed by higher th levels. Basically, RIP farming because all your loot will go to the higher th levels, (HINT: th11)

    (made this pic like 2 years ago, need a better one)

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhysmc View Post
    This is the most useless feature yet, the shields were fine, there was no need for this but oh no, ♥♥♥♥♥♥€£llout see otherwise.
    This should have been done from the start. Th sniping was a way to exploit the games loopholes. I for one am so happy on this change. But then again when I was th7-9 I used to keep my th inside anyway as that was proper in my view.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pleiroma View Post
    Farming in COC is based on sacrificing cups for a free shield, thereby saving loot. Putting 30% in a corner won't stop that, since you wont need 50% of an army to destroy that.

    Furthermore, players can attack with an active shield. This means more people that are raiding, but that are not in the raidable pool. This means even less bases to farm.

    What this leads up to is the death of farming as we know it. People will buy shields and raid all they want. True farmers that don't want to spend money on the game will not have a chance to save their loot. It looks like SuperCell wants to make even more money than it already is? Seriously? Wow.

    I am only expecting the next sneak peek to sound something like this:
    "Loot will no longer be stealable form collectors. We want to encourage players to fight, taking out collectors is too easy and not intended."

    The only option then is to buy your base. Great Job. You guys did a really good job at this game, but I think now you are completely ruining it. I think you will lose a great amount of players, but you won't care, because they were the ones that didn't feed money into the game anyway. I am just sad, really sad.

    If there aren't any other ground-breaking changes to balance this out, then farewell for good!
    You're only a true farmer if you don't buy gems? Says who?

    Why should you be able to play a game for free by the way?

    You think there is a maximum amount of money a game should be able to make?

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    Possible issue with the new shield system

    "Conversely, players who try to work around the shield system will get no shield at all. Attacks of less than 50% maximum army capacity (based on the Army Camp, Clan Caste and Hero capacity of the defender's Town Hall level) will not grant any shield,"

    In the Dev notes link this quote is something i find an issue with. If a th10 with maxed heroes is able to attack a th9, with a strategy such as giant healer with less than 110 total troops(half of the defending th9) and only uses the queen to get easy damage, then even if they get 2-3 starred they wont gain a shield as it is less than 50% of the max army for the defender. This can lead to a big issue in the shield system, allowing players to get destroyed and getting no shield.
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