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For higher leagues... The new th snipe will be 50% attack with barch..
You obviously haven't tried barching against targets above TH7. 50% with barch is rare once you get above that level.

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so I tested this the other night adjusted one of my war bases, th in.
Totally pointless, since the conditions necessary to test weren't present.

Result was 3 attacks, first 2 attacks didn't get the 30%, but what they did do was kill all my cc troops and trigger all my traps, 3rd attack comes and because there is no cc troops and no traps he gets all my loot. well done supercell which genius thought up this idea???
Somebody who wanted to improve the game overall.

I like my th sniped before I go to bed I can rest easy. im not too much of a casual player I attack and get attacked, but I do need to sleep. I think a loot bonus on a successful defence is a much fairer way to go.
It may be "fairer" in your opinion, thoug there is nothing at all "unfair" about this change, so that would be difficult. But it wouldn't have had any noticeable effect on snipes, so would also have been pointless.

if you want to cut out the th sniping offer less trophys and less loot for attacking this way, its not rocket science,
That is exactly what they have done, at least so far as the loot is concerned. For just a TH snipe now, you get about 3% of the loot bonus, so I wonder why you are complaining.

I suppose some supercell staged stooges will now come on and tell me im wrong and I have a poorly designed base or some other bull ♥♥♥♥, jokers.
You just lost the argument with that silly statement.

Just becasue people disagree with you, that does not mean they are "staged Supercell stooges".