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    This is a bad move for me personally as somone who likes farming but also depends on shields during the work day. This is NOT a move worth quitting over but will be bad (for me) overall. I feel like half of the "issues" described in the admins post on reasons why this change needed to be made are based on everyone playing in bronze/silver/gold leagues.

    Many issues people had were total non issues for me in crystal/master league. I do understand that people didn't like my loot being sniped away and hidden for 12 hours but all the other issues could be solved by people simply farming a little higher in cups.

    Oh well. Its not going to stop me from playing the game I'm just going to have to figure out how I can always get shields in the morning so I'm not risking offering 600/600/5k by lunch time.
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    What if someone just use a queen walk to your base? Steal your loot, dmge 30% of your buildings or more. Then no free shield? Becaise it ddnt use 50% of its army.
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    It'll be interesting to see how this interacts with the rest of the sneak peeks.

    It's a great change. Proper raids without losing your whole shield. 30% is low enough that any defence should give you a 12 hour shield.

    Anyone rushing defence with TH outside is not going to have much fun

    Nerfs a lot of the features given by fluffies too. Wonder if there's going to be a big cull...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewJackJohnson View Post
    Sad. Now casual players or people with lives gotta grind even harder with every raid on a base being an all out attack making saving up a pita.
    Gonna be good for the no lifers though.
    AGREED. I am level 120 nearly max TH 9 (AK lvl 16, AQ lvl 17) - I have been hanging out around 2000 trophies riding 12 hour shields raiding 2-3 times per day to upgrade walls to lvl 9 and heroes. This is a game changer for sure.

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    It will be interesting to see how it plays out with the updated shields. Maybe the guardian will offset town hall snipping.

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    If destroying a th still result in win a raid and receive loot bonus, then we can just all go up to master or champ, put th outside and snipe every th for loot bonus As defense base won't receive a shield, that base will show up while searching again. With this

    win trophies while sniping then lose trophies when on defense (with th outside), then repeat. But who knows, they might change how loot bonus work.

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    Godbye farming? Or new style of farming?

    Ok guys. I love the fact the shield doesn't dissapear when attack..

    But, for those who are complaining about the end of farming: what if i put those non-important buildings (Barracks, spell cauldrons, lab, camps) out instead the TH? In fact, it could be better, i think, cuz i can center ALL my defenses protecting my resources in a better way...

    Obviously, counting with my attacker using the 50% of his army...what could be taked as going with 10 archers and using just 5.....right?

    My english is bad, so sorry for the mistakes. What do you think about all the ♥♥♥♥ i just say?

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    Bhahaha We won't see anymore noobs on titan and champ league who brags on global

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    RIP SNIPING.. btw climbing up trophies will be heck of a task

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcgepry View Post
    What if someone just use a queen walk to your base? Steal your loot, dmge 30% of your buildings or more. Then no free shield? Becaise it ddnt use 50% of its army.

    Very very good question !!
    .... scare the answer is yes, actually .....

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