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Thread: Who is the richest - coin wise...???

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    Given Away Over 10 Million Coins

    I've given away over 10,600,000 coins to our top derby contributors.
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    Except for Mean Maggie, there is little use for hd coins. Some kind of valley token exchange office could be implemented where we could pay coins to swap some of the excess token for some we are needing.

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    Iíve enjoyed reading this thread. Iíve been addicted to Hay Day for a long time. Like many of you the early days saw me strapped for cash. Over time and through hard work my coins accumulated. Today I have over 221 million and they just keep piling up.

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    ^^^ Dear GOD, the decos I could buy with THAT lot!
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    I have over 20 million. I wish we would have some neat things to spend coins on. Many times I donít bother to increase the price on items that I sell in my roadside stand.

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