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    Introducing the new and improved

    Hey Chief,

    We're excited to announce the launch of the new and improved!!! In the beginning of 2015, we started this project with the goal of creating a digital home for all the amazing player content around Clash of Clans. Clashers are constantly creating, whether it's strategy videos, forum guides, websites, tools, fan art and more, and we believe that content deserves recognition.

    Check out this site walkthrough with WickedGaming: is meant to be a site that enables players to be the Clasher they want to be. Visitors should be able to quickly and easily master the basics, find strategy content for their particular Town Hall level, or check out some of the really cool and creative contributions from their fellow Clashers, and maybe get a bit of inspiration.

    One part of the site we hope you'll like is the Clan Search Tool. From here, you can find a clan that meets your particular needs, or track down your own and share your clan page in order to get some new recruits.

    So, please take a moment to check out the new and let us know what you think in this thread. We plan to continue to develop and add the site, both on the feature and the content side. If you or someone you know has content you think you should be added to site, send us a link and a brief description to so we can have a look.

    Clash On,


    Steve / Supercell
    Brand Marketing

    Stop what you're doing and read these now:

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    Wow good job guys!!!

    First Comment
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    Wow!! That is amazing steve
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    First page :)

    Awesome job!!

    I do have a comment on the site though! Your site needs a section where you post a place for clan information! Yes I know! You have that on this site! But it would make the user friendly interface even more user friendly
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    Amazing,I've been waiting for an official website

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    On the forums, typing out a ridiculously long location tag that has nothing to do with my location


    woot, nice website

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    A sea of DE

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    Builders are OP

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    First page!

    Great job on the website!
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    UK, my chair, ipad in hand.
    So that's where the lesser spotted supercell superSteve has been secretly squirrelled.

    Sounds simply super.
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    Looks good and user friendly.

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