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Thread: Interior funneling VS. Exterior Funneling

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    Interior funneling VS. Exterior Funneling

    I was wondering what you guys, the base experts, the casual players, and the copy-cats, think is better. Interior funneling, or exterior funneling.
    Interior Funneling :

    Pros about interior funneling:
    Once inside, there is only one place for giants/ goblins to run. Traps.
    Can hit anywhere from 0-9 giants in a raid
    Kills momentum of a raid if used effectively
    Can make it un-noticeable
    Cons about interior funneling:
    Takes less wall breakers to get into the core of the base
    Creates one less segment in a base
    Might not work all the time
    Flexibility is limited

    External Funneling:

    Pros about external funneling:
    Great chance of success, with giants or infantry
    Very flexible
    Can weaken an army at the beginning of a raid
    3-6 giants or 5-30 infantry will be gone if people try to take the storages
    Cons about external funneling:
    Can be avoided by a few well-placed wall breakers
    Only takes a few troops at a time
    Takes out a segment for the funnel
    Very noticeable

    Editing will be done if anything comes to mind. Give me your thoughts and feedback on Internal VS. External Funneling!
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    Tell me which and why! I would like to hear your feedback! (both is an option as well, same as neither)
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    I prefer interior. If there is a gap in the walls on the outside leading to a defense, it can be too obvious. One barb can take out the spring trap. I think unexpected interior funnels with well-placed teslas are best. Look at my base. Clan- DestructorsFarm IGN- acf99oc. On the bottom of the base, the 2 compartments with cannon/at pair are connected, giants walk through and are sprung away by 2 springers.
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    Those bases are a bit small don't you think.

    It depends, funnelling outside can be easily destroyed by attackers as a good attacker will see the funnelling. Inside however, they have less control as they need to break through the first layer with strong enough troops which makes it more likely to take out big groups of enemies. Also consider the fact that traps need to be replaced.

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    Interior funneling is far superior:
    1. Better grouping. Notice how traps outside walls never hit everything in a group? Interior funneling can pack everthing together because they all destroy the same building at the same time and move ahead together.
    2. No cooperation needed. In exterior funneling, they can bust through the opposite side and avoid it completely. In interior funneling, no matter which side they start, they will get hit.
    3. Better timing. You can control the direction enemies go. In exterior, some will go around the wall.

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    Somewhere between your base and my storages ;)
    interior is nice but i really like the exterior funneling purely because of the stupidity of the AI, giants just go boing. LAWL

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    The main reason I prefer interior funneling is because:

    1. The attacker has less control.
    2. It allows me to direct enemy giants and such in directions that I want them to go...I prefer to keep them away from wizard towers so that the wizard tower isn't pumping lightning into a giant while a couple goblins are stealing all of the loot from my storages.
    3. Interior funneling causes giants to group up at the first defense before moving on to the second. This causes more to walk over a spring trap at a time.

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    I put exterior tunneling next to my town hall, which is outside the base. They gank the TH then all the troops rush a couple buildings outside walls then into the opening.

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    I prefer exterior funneling, for a number of reasons. The way my funneling is set up, there is a funnel, then right behind it is a cannon. Most people that try to do a serious attack on me use giants. These people usually drop between 5 and 10 giants all at once to go thought the hole, and start destroying my cannon. Most of these giants will be flung up in the air.
    Many people who attack me with giants use the giant/healer combo. The times when the entire giant group is sprung, the healer will cross my base finding a new troop/group of troops to heal. This brings the healer right into the range of at least 1 air defence. The healer/s are promptly killed, and the raid is doomed.
    i also have collectors in close proximity to the funnels, so ground melee troops (mainly barbs and gobs) bunch together quite well, and go through the funnels basically holding hands.
    I don't use interior funneling for a few reasons also, but mainly the fact that my base is very compact, and i only have access to a limited amount of traps. My 6 spring traps are distributed amongst my 4 funnels, and even then i dont have enough to get the best out of 2 of the funnels. If i had 10 spring traps, i might use interior funneling, but the simple fact is, I don't have 10, i have 6.

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    on my phone :l
    id say interior because they will already have a big army going threw the walls there where as exterior they will see the gap and say "hmm looks like a trap to me" so they may only send out one troop to get rid of the trap, so interior would kill more troops because they have to use a bigger army to get there in the first place..

    that's what i think anyway, i hope you get what i am trying to say
    I hope this helped, thanks

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