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    yeah I can't wait!!!!!!! Missed out on the decorations last year. Love to see reindeer though. Will there be a santa and elves?

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    Quote Originally Posted by knitgal2 View Post
    I see one item that was a prize that is now available for all those gnomes can each have their own sled!

    And like ilovehayday, I love the new tiki torch and fern...those will be fun!

    Knock, knock.

    Who's there?

    Hay Day Player.

    Hay Day player who?

    Hay Day player who appreciates SC's efforts to do the best they can for everyone, knowing that they can't please everyone all the time...but at least they try!!
    I so agree! This is a game that they don't have to give us anything. I don't mind spending diamonds. They don't twist my arm to buy them. If you don't want the Christmas decorations then don't buy them!!!!!! Can't make everyone happy.

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    Christmas decorations

    There isnt any christmas deco in the menu yet when will it come ??? There is only my old stuff....

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    Love the ferns as long as they will cost no diamonds. Looking at Gregs farm I see also some woorden platforms. Hope they will be available soon and, again, please not for diamonds.

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    Where are the glowing snowballs and ice ponds that were available last year?
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    Quote Originally Posted by maudrid View Post
    Where are the glowing snowballs and ice ponds that were available last year?
    Wait for the Christmas update coming the beginning of next month. This was the winter update.
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    If only

    If only we could sell our old decor or some of the billion gnomes we've collected to put towards new decor even if it's just a lil bit, it would be awesome!

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    Wow I like it it's easy and I'm in a low level I already started decorating

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    Are we supposed to be able to buy any of the new decorative items cuz I have only gotten some of them by winning them or thur the mail with the vouchers

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    I buy diamonds every week,well I did until THIS WEEK,derby standings glitch cost me to lose first place and be put into 3rd! No help from in game help,no answer or help in bugs section,so done with this game! If it's not fixed and diamonds returned or standings fixed I won't be buying diamonds ever again.

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