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    Below is a list I created based on the updates in the app store to the previous versions of the game. the date of July 2012 is based on the July 2013 first birthday event. Based on this list I expect the next update to be on around the first week of December and there for us to get sneak peeks around the 23rd of November give or take. ( I was off by a week they update came out 11/16/15)

    July 2012

    Hayday launch

    April 2013

    update added Alfred the mail man (to think the poor guy had to walk everywhere carrying giant statues for 2 years)

    June 2013

    Fishing area added

    July 2013

    Hayday first b day

    Sep 2013

    lobster added to fishing area mystery fishing nets, soup kitchen, ability to remove followers from your farm, more newspaper pages, faster increase of price on items. (used to you had to increase the price at the same speed you decrease it. imagine how long it took to get to 4000 for those 10 deeds or 6000 for 10 diamond rings.

    OCT 2013

    costumes in for the animals for Halloween, autumn theme ghost in the fishing area and global events. UI Update now you can go to a machine hold your finger on an item and find out exactly how many you have, option to choose what notification you receive, smaller click spot for speeding up tasks (reduces accidental diamond spending) increased prices for some items to reflect effort required to make them. items in other players RSS shows gray when bought rather than picture of player who bought them.

    Nov 2013

    Winter theme Winter costumes for animals added strawberries lettuce rice olive trees
    sauce maker, salad bar, sushi bar,

    Dec 2013

    Added pet donkey
    sandwich bar
    mastery of lure maker and net maker for increased speed
    ability to increase size of lure box
    help needed icon shows in newspaper
    boat orders now consist of 3 different items. no more boat needing all creams or all brown sugar. (now we get boats wanting brown sugar white sugar and syrup.)
    added splash screen for events (flying paper added when you first come to game after new event starts)

    Feb 2014

    Neighborhoods added
    global events show NH leader board
    special friend tab for NH added
    new donkey pet added
    lemon tree
    winter theme ends
    Wider selection of goods in Greg's shop (once upon a time he only sold wheat corn carrot sugar cane soybean and chicken feed 1 of each)

    Mar 2014

    more land in main farm area. basically doubled what we had before.
    smoothie machine added
    3rd donkey added
    ability to invite friends to your NH by clicking the mail icon on their farm.

    May 2014

    Town added
    increase in number of players allowed in Neighborhood (originally it was 15 or 20 I think)

    July 2014

    Cotton crop added
    Sewing machine added
    decoration filter (before they were all just in one big list)
    mystery treasure chest added to the towns (took us a couple weeks to realize they were out to sea)
    cowboy added to town visitors
    pickax added
    summer theme added

    September 2014

    Bees added
    honey extractor
    gift shop added to town
    actress vistor added to town

    October 2014

    candle maker added
    Fall theme is back
    FAQ section layout altered
    Newspaper remembers last visited page (before every time we opened the paper after visiting an add it took us back to page 1. Every time)

    Dec 2014

    Winter is back
    Ducks added
    Duck salon added
    Mid level rewards added (once upon a time we only got new stuff at begin of each level. now we get stuff every 20% or so.)
    ability to tap lvl icon and see upcoming rewards
    more fishing spots
    changed lvl up splash screen layout
    seller xp added to newspaper. (used to you didn't know what level someone was in the paper till you got to their farm.) Now you can know that the chances of finding BEM and SEM are greater in a level 8 farm than in a lvl 83 farm.
    ability to tap on town buildings and upgrade them while they are serving visitors. (before you couldn't upgrade a town building till it was empty)
    added ability to request 4th boat crate help from your NH
    checklist board on farm to see what visitors in town are wanting.
    help requests show up in NH chat (I still wish I didn't see my own help requests, I already know I need help.)
    tom and boat timers now pause during maintenance.

    FEB 2015

    Winter ends

    MAR 2015

    Derby added
    kittens and puppies added.
    hat maker added
    additional lvl ups in town buildings (before it was a max of 6 for each building upgrade)

    April 2015

    personal derby log added (now we can see what we've done and what we've trashed no more missing tasks)
    24 hour pause between derbies to modify your nh and change NH if need be without losing either last weeks or next weeks prizes.
    trophy count added.
    HUGE land expansion in farm ( we now have over triple the expansion area we had when the game started.)
    more puppies and kittens
    pasta maker
    hot dog maker
    ability to visit NH farm via chat message (before we had to use friend tabs)
    scooter for Alfred (he used to walk everywhere)

    Jun 2015

    Hayday Birthday
    summer returns
    more puppies and kittens
    pasta kitchen
    new global events (double xp on trucks and double coins for town visitors)
    new derby tasks (feed animals help farmers)
    inbox for SC notices (exclamation mark at top of screen)
    NH searching available
    NH requirement lowered from lvl 25 to lvl 18

    SEP 2015

    Derby leagues added
    more horseshoes in higher leagues
    more tasks in higher leagues
    new horse pet added
    bush placement finally fixed (now bush placement is no longer randomly assigned horizontal or vertical as the game chooses. Now it will keep using the previous setting unless it doesn't fit then automatically switches to the other option)
    improved sorting of townies in the town hall list
    Fall theme

    NOV 2015

    Champion League added
    Trophy tab to keep track of trophies earned.
    Opt out mode and Spectator option
    View results from last derby during pause day.
    Derby Achievements

    Newspaper box has animation for new newspaper available.
    Gift catalog and Wheel of fortune have new prizes available.
    Newspaper tool offer improved (BEM SEM LEM now offered not just axes saws and MEM)
    Barn and Silo upgrade screens have tool tip for where to get more BEM And SEM. (wheating)

    Holiday theme turned on.

    Traditional chinese support added.

    March 2016

    Farm and Town Edit mode added.

    Neighborhood chat visable outside of your own farm. (now you can see chats no matter what farm you're at. before it was only at your farm. kinda useless then. now it's alright)
    number of farms you can follow increased to 10 from 5.

    June 2016


    2 new Crops
    Onions and Tea
    2 new Fruit trees
    Orange and Peach Trees
    2 new machines
    Tea Stand and Taco Kitchen
    23 new Products
    Grilled Onion LVL68
    Onion Dog LVL80
    Orange Sorbet LVL78
    Peach Ice Cream LVL83
    Marmelade LVL74
    Peach Jam LVL79
    Orange Juice LVL71
    Peach Tart LVL76
    Fruit Salad LVL82
    Summer Salad LVL84
    Salsa LVL77
    MixedSmoothie LVL88
    Onion Soup LVL72
    Taco LVL77
    Fish Taco LVL79
    Quesadilla LVL82
    Nachos LVL87
    Green Tea LVL80
    Milk Tea LVL81
    Honey Tea LVL83
    Lemon Tea LVL86
    Orange Tea LVL89
    Iced Tea LVL92

    Neighborhood Tags added. no longer having to search for a name that matches such and such figure on such and sugh field of color. individual tags for each and every Neighborhood.

    Summer Theme brought back.
    Chat Reversed (new messages appear at bottom instead of top) change brings complaints but life goes on. they will either use it or use some form of outside game chat app.

    New derby tasks added 9 new machine specific tasks require making X number of specific product. and new townie task added for serve X number of a SPECIFIC townie. no tasks were removed just more added. yes this does mean there will be less chance of getting all 320 boat or wheating tasks but more variety overall.

    I left out the updates for various bug fixes because I consider those to be tweaks and not necessarily updates.
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    my kik ID is tiaxotrax For a list of what features were added to which updates. check this link.

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