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Thread: Looking for a new adult war clan

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    Looking for a new adult war clan

    Found a new clan...thank you!!
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    Atomic Nachos #2PGOJOCL | New serious war clan | Recruiting th5-th10 specialists |

    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon122 View Post
    Good afternoon, everyone.

    I am a 40yo here in Wisconsin. After having been with my clan for almost a year, it is time to move on and find a new home. I was in a Level 7 clan that enjoyed back-to-back wars, but just refuses to get away from GoWiPe and mass dragon attacks. Having been there and seen what I disliked about the clan, I know what I am not looking for.

    If your clan always attacks mirrors first and cleanup for the 2nd, then I am not interested. If the mainstay attack for your clan is GoWiPe, I'm not interested. If leaders are rarely online and clan wars are carried out in a disorganized fashion, I am not interested.

    I am looking for a solid, highly organized, high level, war clan that wars back-to-back and can help me to develop strategy and analysis skills.

    Attached is my current profile. Thank you for your consideration.

    Attachment 143290

    If you are interested send a request to the clan or if you have questions please PM me

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    LvL7 CoC Hog Wars Recruiting strong TH7+ players. Please read entire post.

    We are an adult clan that has fun and loves to win! We're looking for active and loyal players who participate daily and love to war. New recruits must be 21+ years old.

    Please join via one option below:

    Feeder clan: CoC Bacon Wars (When joining, say "Bacon Please")
    Online at
    Band group: CoC Hog Wars Recruiting

    Feeder Clan
    Clan Name: CoC Bacon Wars (#2L8UC9R2)
    Clan Level: 7
    Type of Clan: War & Farming
    War Frequency: Always
    Chat & Donation: Can be quiet at times, Main clan is very Active
    Location: Most of us are from U.S., some Canadian, European
    Band Group: CoC Hog Wars Recruiting

    Main Clan
    Clan Name: CoC Hog Wars (#299CQGGY)
    Clan Level: 7
    Type of Clan: War & Farming
    War Frequency: Always
    Chat & Donation: Active
    Location: Most of us are from U.S., some Canadian, European
    Apps:,, Band
    Band Group: CoC Hog Wars / CoC Hog Wars Recruiting

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    Some comments, then our info:

    You're one of many on this forum who I just don't understand. Just because a particular strategy or policy didn't work for your current clan doesn't mean that it can't be successful for other clans. I DO NOT stipulate what army compositions my players choose to use. As a matter of fact, we have a few players who are so proficient at a GoWiPe or GoWiWi attack that they regularly 3 Star highly weighted opposing TH9 enemies.

    We work within a specific strategy that works for us. If you're interested, great. If not, best of luck. Here is everything you need to know about us:

    ( The Judged ) is looking for active and loyal players who play the game to win.

    About ( The Judged ) : We are an Adult War Clan and we WAR 3 Times/Week. We formed our Clan on May 20, 2014. We are mostly all adults, meaning we have lives, jobs and families. Although we are active, we do not sit and chat all day long in game. Some are chatty, others are not. If you are looking for a clan where the chat screen scrolls off every 10 minutes, this is not the clan for you.

    Over the last year+ we have developed a specific culture in our clan. We take the game seriously enough to succeed in clan wars, but we do not make a life out of playing the game. We enjoy the company of our fellow clan mates and we work to ensure the success of the group as a whole. If you are all tied up in personal stats and think that your individual achievements outweigh what is best for the clan, please move on and refrain from joining.

    What are we looking for in new members: We want people who are serious about playing the game to win and people who are willing to put in the time and effort to ensure consistent success.
    1. Offense First - You should make sure to have the most powerful troops possible for war attacks.
    2. Heroes - Heroes should be a priority while still making time to participate in wars.
    3. Walls - Walls = Win. Pretty simple.

    These are the 3 things you should be focusing on at any TH level. Defenses can come later.
    __________________________________________________ ____________________________________

    4. Activity - If you are not active, there's no reason for you to be in the clan. You should always be working to upgrade your base, troops, etc.
    5. War Experience - You need to have an appropriate War Hero total consistent with where you are TH wise.
    6. Maturity - We are adults. We typically do not allow non-adults, however exceptions can be made for younger mature individuals.

    Note: If you want to join, you will need to download the KiK app and message me directly to work out your Request to Join. Note: We have a KiK clan group that we use for Clan messaging and informational sharing so picking up the app is the best option if you are serious about joining us!

    WARS: ( The Judged ) WARS 3 times per week. We start WAR on Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday evenings US CST.

    War Rules:
    1. Use Both attacks. (No tolerance.)
    2. Your 1st attack must be within 2 spots of your own war position. (If you are #10 on the war map, you can attack anyone from #8 to #12 on your 1st attack.) For 2nd attacks we attack from the bottom up with your best 3 Star Attack. If you're a mid-high TH9 and need to get your 2nd attack in quickly, pick the the base you think you have the best chance to wipe and roll out your best 3 Star effort. If you are not sure who to attack, simply ask a Leader.
    3. War bases MUST be up-to-date. If your base is consistently getting destroyed for 3 stars by similar TH levels, you need to alter your base to come up with something that is anti-3 star. Be proactive, don't make a leader have to watch whether you are doing this. We will notice and it will irritate us is we have to constantly ask you to take care of these types of issues.
    4. You MUST go all out for wars no matter the score. This means using every troop and spell available. Some of you might think this is a waste, however we hold EVERYONE in the clan to the same standard. EVERYONE puts out 100% effort every time, no exceptions. If you 2 star a base without using all of your spells/troops, you will be removed from the clan.
    5. Calling a base: We use KiK to call bases during war. You may call a base starting immediately after the leader posts that calls are open in our KiK war calling chat (this will come soon after a match is made). You have the base until 4 hours after the war begins. If you haven't hit the base within 4 hours of war starting, the base is open to anyone else to call. Second attacks can be called at anytime after your initial attack as long as it is open. You have 2 hours to hit your 2nd target after you have called it. This system is simple and easy to use. If you cannot handle this system, do not bother joining.
    6. War Castles are to only be filled with LEADER APPROVED troops. We appreciate when people want to help out, but we expect you to fill war castles in accordance with our strategy.
    7. OPTING OUT: There are few instances where players will "need" to opt out. You may opt out for the following reasons: 1. You have a Hero upgrading that will not be available during any part of the war. 2. You have a real-life conflict that you have cleared through a leader. You are REQUIRED to participate in AT LEAST 1 WAR per week. If anyone needs to opt out for additional WARS due to personal reasons, you must clear it through a Leader. Please keep in mind that we are a WARRING clan and there is no reason for you to be here if you are not going to participate.
    8. Sitting Players for War: Since Wars can only occur in multiples of 5, we will sometimes have to sit players out. Our first goal is always to get those opted out in the war so no one has to sit. However, if that isn't possible we will choose to sit players keeping in mind the following criteria: 1. War performance 2. Activity 3. Rank
    If you get chosen to sit out for a war, handle it like an adult. If you're unsure why you were chosen, check the war log and see how you've performed over the previous wars. If you're still unsure, message a leader.

    If you are interested in joining us:
    ( The Judged ) - Clan ID: #9C9G22Y

    You must apply to ( The Judged ) via KiK. My KiK handle is: Aaron_Barnes
    When messaging me, include a Screenshot of: 1. Your Base 2. Your troop profile 3. Your AGE 4. The Reason You are Looking to Join a New Clan

    We are VERY serious about who we accept in to the clan so expect to answer additional questions that I may have. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon!
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    Brandon, you are perfect for us, and vice versa

    We are The Holy Cronut and we are a serious war clan. Well, how serious can we be when we're named after a pastry? We are a relatively young clan, and while we don't have the track record of many others who recruit in this forum, we do participate in wars 3x/week and we have become quite skilled in attacking. In fact, we are a level 7 clan and we win most of our wars; our few losses usually come to very well-established level 7 and 8 clans. Farming and trophy pushing are fine, but not a priority. We have a fantastic core of people who want to grow our clan into a powerhouse, and about 35 of our members have been with us for many months and have no intentions of leaving. We have members from th7 through th10, so whether you're looking to help teach others 3-star strategies, or you need help with that yourself, there are opportunities for you. If you are looking to join a long-time established clan and have people tell you exactly what to do at every step, then we're not for you. But if you think you have something to contribute and you want to feel ownership in developing something that's meaningful to you, then read on.

    Our clan has members from many regions all over the world, and the range of ages is quite broad. That said, everyone behaves in a mature fashion. While we do have rules, we're a little loose on enforcement, at least for now. Communicating in English is a requirement. Ideally we want members to opt out of as few wars as possible, although we understand that unfortunately, life has to happen outside of CoC or heroes/spell factories need to be upgraded. But please be respectful to other clan mates and do opt out when you know you will not be available for war.

    We need 2 attacks in each war, using the full complement of spells and offensive clan castle troops. We emphasize 3-star strategies and we coordinate our attacks by using Clash Caller. Detailed plans are drawn out in Skitch and discussed in Band. Requests for donations are met in a very timely fashion, and we honor specifically what is requested. We rely heavily on our upper level players to donate the majority of the troops during war, although with our level 5 perk, even th8 members are now donating max-level troops. Outside of war we expect everyone to donate but we have no defined limits - give your best and you'll get our best. And being international, there's almost always someone on to chat with or share donations. Oh, and we are 100% fair play, no ♥♥♥♥♥ing in here!

    We frown upon asking for Elder or Co-leader. We want a clan with loyal and active members. If you are that person, then your efforts will be recognized and promotion will be granted once your trust is earned. While we want to have fun, we also want to win for that sweet loot and clan perks. And the best way to have fun is to WIN!

    We encourage teaching and learning from one another. Constructive criticism is always welcome and in fact encouraged, and we communicate in war-related activities as well as socially on the Band app. We just began a sister clan called Unholy Cronuts, clan tag #RRPY2JP. That will be used so that people can war while upgrading heroes, and it will be a proving grounds for some new members to join our main clan. If you join through here, there will not likely be a need for you to go to Unholy Cronuts, however.

    If you're still reading, then we may be the clan for you. We are currently an "invite only" clan, since we got spammed with rude players via the global chat, forcing us to kindly ask them to look elsewhere. So please find us in-game and mention this forum post. Use code word "croissant" in your request since we are often at war and this will help us to know you found us here. Note that we will not be accepting requests from players with rushed bases.


    The Holy Cronut
    Clan tag #9VV08RCV

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    Hey leader of Brothers United

    Hey how are you doing? I like your thread and what you're all about. I invite you to our clan Brothers United.

    You would be a great asset to our clan.

    A little about us 2 months old
    Level 4 clan
    B2B wars
    32-1-2 war record
    9 perfect wars
    19 win streak and counting
    91% win ratio
    Donations need to be 300 per season request what you like
    We use clashcaller for wars
    We use the app Line for outside communication
    Maxed troops available

    Our social side
    We have our forum thread
    We have a website
    Youtube channel
    Also follow us on twitter

    Brothers United
    Clan Tag: PQ2Q98C

    Please say "from the forums" on the invite if you wish to join

    Hope to see you soon

    Brothers United War Clan Level 9 165 Wins #PQ2QG98C
    Looking for TH 10-8 3* specialist wanted

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    Most organized clan you will find! we are currently 21-5 also

    1 war short of level 4 perks!
    War mercenaries
    Clan tag --- #ygc8r0r2

    1. activity is a must
    2. The app kik is required
    3. Must use both attacks in war
    4. Elder and co leader are very important postions in this clan
    as they have a lot of power
    5. elder/co will never be given out to anyone
    6 th7+ clan ( some execptions may be made

    TOWNHALL 7s must have dragons unlocked ( 200 camp space and the
    barb king unlocked are not required but give you a better chance
    at getting accepted ) th7s must also be willing to learn how to
    properly funnel and of course they must be active!

    TOWNHALL 8s MUST have level 6 air defenses A townhall 3 star strategy
    in most cases this is a form of level 3 or 4 hogs but for new th8s level
    3 dragons and or a gowipe variant are fine ( note all th8s will be expected
    to perform well! with whatever strategy they use ( hogs are BEST! )

    TOWNHALL 9s New townhall 9s will need to have unlocked the archer queen
    and actively trying to get her level up the new th9s must also
    pocess the ability to reguarly 3 star similar bases to there own
    Mid townhall 9s are required to have a combined hero level of 15
    and a 3 star strategy ( gowipe is not a 3 star strategy )

    I do not mind helping anyone who does not meet some of the requirements
    i always like to help people learn new things and i love to look at base designs
    if we sound like a clan you may be interested in please send us a in game
    request with stating where you found us from and if possible why you think you
    would be a good fit
    Happy clashing!
    TH9 Leader of War Reapers
    Level 9 War Clan
    26-30 heroes
    1274 War Stars

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    Hey, Wisconsin here too! Also grownup looking for war clan to develop my skills in. See you are getting some spam and a lot of pre formatted reply. Bummer. Hit me up via pm if you find a home that meets your needs as they are same as mine, I will do the same. Most clans will not have me though as I am pretty much max 10. Good luck!

    Richard | Rogue Elite (#8200L0UJ) | TH 12 | Level 224
    L150 Heroes PB5733
    Boom Beach HQ 22 L 65

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    ClanPillagers - All Adult Level 7 War Clan

    122 war wins with only 2 losses in over 4 months. We use 3 star attack strategies such as max attack, GoHo, AQ walk, etc. We are very organized in war (no mirror attacks) and always strive for the 3 star. We are a strict 18+ war clan. Most are 25 and older. Check us out and say you hear about us on the forums.


    47 and from the US
    Lvl 115 TH9
    619 war stars
    Lvl 20 BK and Lvl 21 AQ

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    Clan:Affliction, check us out

    Affliction, blue and white shield. Record:4-0-0
    Wars: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday(prep day)
    active and loyal clan with good ratio of th8- bases
    experience war clan that is serious with war
    Minimum Requirements: Th8+ with lvl 3+ drags, lvl 5+ spells, and 120+ war stars. Th9+ with 250 war stars, an established war strat, and total of 15+ in hero lvl. Th10 with 20/20 Heroes Minimum, 400 war stars. Minimum requirements might vary with higher or lower versions of townhalls, so be aware.
    1) Must plan with team on band, which will be explained when you join the clan. Skitch is required as well
    2) Must use both attacks in war and get a band and skitch.
    3) Please be 18 as we only want mature members.
    4) NA based clan, but has and is open to other members from different countries.
    5) Please respect warbase donation requests and cc requests, elders and coleaders fill the warbases, but might need help every so often.
    6) Go all out in war and do not hesitate to spend elixir for more stars
    7) Respect elders as they are a highly coveted role in this clan. 1 co per 10 members, and 1 elder per 5 members.
    8) Please feel free to use clanmates and myself to go over strats as we highly strategize for war
    9) Must use first attack within first 10 hours of war
    10)Must be active in chat, but there is no minimum donations or troops recieved, elders over your team will make sure you are doing well.

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