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Thread: Need an "always" warring clan TH10 Lvl20heroes

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    Need an "always" warring clan TH10 Lvl20heroes

    I'm almost maxed out defenses (only canons remaining) walls level9 (Lego)
    I can do good th9 attacks still working on th10. Tend to mess up at times. looking for a good warring clan atleast level6. Experienced with hybrid attacks. I am a one hive raids fan. Attached my profile image.
    do leave your clan tags
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    LvL7 CoC Hog Wars Recruiting strong TH7+ players. Please read entire post.

    We are an adult clan that has fun and loves to win! We're looking for active and loyal players who participate daily and love to war. New recruits must be 21+ years old.

    Please join via one option below:

    Feeder clan: CoC Bacon Wars (When joining, say "Bacon Please")
    Online at
    Band group: CoC Hog Wars Recruiting

    Feeder Clan
    Clan Name: CoC Bacon Wars (#2L8UC9R2)
    Clan Level: 7
    Type of Clan: War & Farming
    War Frequency: Always
    Chat & Donation: Can be quiet at times, Main clan is very Active
    Location: Most of us are from U.S., some Canadian, European
    Band Group: CoC Hog Wars Recruiting

    Main Clan
    Clan Name: CoC Hog Wars (#299CQGGY)
    Clan Level: 7
    Type of Clan: War & Farming
    War Frequency: Always
    Chat & Donation: Active
    Location: Most of us are from U.S., some Canadian, European
    Apps:,, Band
    Band Group: CoC Hog Wars / CoC Hog Wars Recruiting

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    Want a clan that starts off wars like this? Check us out at InFinite X! Level 100 plus wars back to back - what more could you want? We have everything here - from experienced farmers to experienced war raiders and pushers. Our extent of farmers reach to the point that over half of our TH 9 have level 9 walls and a handful have level 10 walls. We have gotten 10 + TH 9 and 10 to reach champions league - direct proof of our motto, We Forge Champions. We are a level 5 clan moving up the ranks. If you need more information, we will happily provide it to you by PMing, VMing, or simply click my signature image below this post for an detailed overview of our fantastic family! Hope you consider us and glad to have you on board! Our clan tag is #PGYQ2C9Q.

    IGN: Orange_JJ / Leader of InFinite Family and InFinite X / Current Status CoC: Town Hall 11, level 171. Full lavas! / Current Status CR: Level 12, Master 3 / Click signature for recruitment thread for CoC and click here for CR / My Signature Gallery / Retired GFX Artist (private requests/commissions, click me!)

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    Lvl. 1 24/7 War | Farm Always On
    Clan Tag: #20JY8U89

    Clan lvl: 1
    Best Winning streak: 3
    Current Winning streak: 3
    War Record: W: 3 , L: - , D: -

    We are a group of 19 Mature and Friendly people who are specialize in 3* attacking any th bases.
    Looking to expand and get a larger number of members in, to have more activity and for better environment.
    You dont have to be the best attacker out there, you just need to have that Potential to learn and get your game better. We have very experienced Clashers that keen to help others, if you think that you Are good enough 3* Attacker, or at least have that passion to learn and get to know 3* strategies, Thats the home for you.

    The clan is no drama, no stress we are looking to get better and we dont belive we'll get better by getting stressed out.

    - We take war very seriously, so you should take it serious aswell. Attack twice even if you dont have any one to attack, practice.

    - Clean chat. No racism, No harsh talk, No immaturity.

    - Maturity. our age limit is 16+, If you think that you are not mature enough, thats not the place for you.

    - Dont attack in war if you are not sure about your strategy. Discuss it with others, we are using chat app and we have experienced people to help you plan your raid.

    - Our main rule - always try to get better. Learn from your mistakes, Ask questions, Plan properly, Practice strategies when you farm.

    - Donate as much as you can. We had alot of high donators in the clan, we expect every member to donate and not just ask for troops.

    - Being active is a must, unactive people (That said nothing about their unactivity) will be kicked out of the clan.

    - Promotions earned by loyalty, and Co leader are only for High knowledge members and Very Good Attackers, Co leaders should be able to take in charge of wars planning!

    - No rushed bases, also keeping low weight bases when you upgrade your base first upgrade troops than defences.

    - We are international but in chat English only.

    War Rules:

    - 1st raid in the first 8 hours.

    - We use clash caller to plan our strategies, make sure to use it and discuss people on your strategy.

    - Every war has a different plan, make sure to check assigments on the chat app, and clan mail.

    - Only max troops in cc.

    - Dont attack if you are not sure about your plan.

    - No Hero ~ No War. You dont have to be in all wars, if you cant for some reason (Like heroes updrage or w.e) opt out.

    - Every clan member must set a anti 3* base as hes war base.


    We use kik as a chat app, to chat and discuss strategies. We will have a main war group, and Groups for any Th lvl from Th8 To th10.


    Th 6 - Giants lvl3, Wiz lvl3, Have healer.
    Able to 3* any other th6 with giant healer.

    Th 7 - Lvl.1 BK Atleast, lvl 4 Lighting Spell, Lvl2 Dragons.
    Able to 3* any other th7 with Dragloon And light.

    Th 8 - Lvl 3 Drags + 5 Lighting Spell + Eq / Hogs lvl4. (Both will be awesome!) BK lvl 6 Atleast.
    Can 3* using Drags. keen to learn hogs strategies. (if you know already would be better)

    Th 8.5 - Heroes 10/8 - Lvl 5 Hogs, Lvl 6 Loons & Have lava, Golems lvl2.
    Getting familiar with Th9 3* Strategies (Goho, Golaloon)

    Th 9 - Heroes 14/14 - Lvl 5 Hogs, Lvl 6 Loons, Lvl 2 Lava, Lvl 3 Golem.
    Familiar or getting familiar with 3* strategies on th9 .

    Th10 - Able to 2* Any other th 10.

    Must have (/Download) kik, and know how to use Clash Caller.

    How To Join The Clan?

    If you read everything and you think we are the clan for you, post and say hi with your ign in this thread, talk to me on kik (roiwizz), send req to the clan and we will consider accepting by the requirements.

    You Tube Stuff:

    Latest War:

    Current War Log:

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