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Thread: Official Youtube Thread of Ninjarro - Helping you reach your potential in Clan Wars

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    Talking ☆☆☆ Official Youtube Thread of Ninjarro - #1 Clan Wars Community Channel ☆☆☆

    The purpose of this channel is to help you perfect your 3-star attack strategies

    If you enjoy the game like myself, and participate in clan wars you might have achieved accomplishments and war wins along the way. But as many of us can relate to we also experience anger, regret and disappointment when we do not achieve things we had planned to in Clan Wars. I started my YouTube channel to share my experience andknowledge with the Clash community and help you achieve your highest potential in Clan Wars. For me, learning to 3-Star bases in Clash of Clans is similar to improving your skill in a chosen sport. Let's take basketball for example. In order to excel, we have to recognize the power and limits of troop individuality which can be represented as learning how to aim and release in basketball. Secondly, we will have to learn the art of base analysis, which is learning to square up to an opponent and finally with a bit of practice, we will learn how to execute the proper attack styles to 3-star bases which can be represented as scoring past a defender. My short term vision is to assist and improve the quality of clan war attacks within the Clash Community. With the clash community heavily expanding, it would be great to see more and more clans transition into the clan war scene. My long term vision is to develop the Clan War scene into something where we can all enjoy on major stages such as ClashCon or perhaps LAN events or conventions. With a growing game created by Supercell, the possibilties are endless to what we can achieve.

    By having many experiences being in top-tier war clans, I want to share what i've learnt to you hoping that I can assist and educate you with the art of 3-star attack strategies as well as provide a few laughs and cringes at my dry jokes along the way.

    The Value of Content
    As a new YouTuber, it is difficult to get my shoes off the ground. However, I've always believer that an audience is built not on the quantity of videos but on the quality and value they are receiving. I want to share my experiences and knowledge with the Clash community as well as share my witty personality and engage with you all on a personal level. As a standard, I have high expectations of how my videos will come out including:

    • 1080p60fps
    • Great Thumbnails
    • Great Content
    • Great Commentary
    • Sharing my experiences and knowledge of Clan Wars
    • Consistency: Daily uploads
    • Tutorials and Tips-and-Tricks
    • Engage with me! I am always more than happy to reply to comments

    Above: You've seen Laloon, You've seen Surgical Hogs, Now check out surgical Gowi! Nothing like that scrappy two star GoWipe Strategy that 90% of the clash community use - This is Surgical GoWi with Golems and Wizards. Watch how Drogon gets the 3 star on a TH10 with max level infernos by using Surgical GoWi

    Above: Breaking down how to 3-star a very difficult anti-3 star base for TH9. Together we have a look and examine where the weaknesses are for that base and how we can exploit that to our advantage. Highly recommend watching if you wish to transition into becoming a serious 3-star attacker.

    Above: One of the most common mistakes people make when using hogs is Hog Pathing. Hogs are one of the most commonly used troops in the game for taking out defences. The problem is, people are not planning where there hogs are going to go next. Always plan hog pathing in advance.

    Youtube Channel (Link opens to another window)

    My Background
    I live, eat and breathe Clan Wars. I first started taking this game seriously when I joined a popular war clan as most of you know today as OneHive back in early 2014. During that time, clan wars was a brand new addition to the game, and a game feature that not many players had a lot of experience in. At the time, OneHive was not the popular war clan it is today, joining when the clan only started with 11 war wins and 0 losses. Being a very competitive person by nature, and surrounded by like-minded war enthusiasts, we strived to make OneHive become a top-tier Clan Wars clan. Today, we had achieved our goals by making OneHive one of the most popular and influential war clans out there, and unfortunately with every great journey, things also come to an end. I left OneHive back in October 2014 due to other commitments outside Clash of Clans. I returned back to Clash six months later and quickly rejoined other well known war clans such as GS96, (_*_), OneHive Genesis, and other top tier war clans.

    Now I am in a clan called Deadly Overdose, a clan that is home to 49 other experienced Raiders. We are a hardcore and dedicated war clan looking to take in and unlock the potential of many young and coming war stars.

    Here I thought I would share some pictures of the great times I had at OneHive, and how I fell in love with the Clash of Clans War scene.

    Above: An old screenshot dating back in 2014 when we versed Sith Happens. My old clash name was firelord jono and you may see some popular names in the chat log such as Keonij (now in The Black Lodge), Slashdog (now in Clashheads), Kpeeznutz (now known as NZ Hero now in Reddit Troopers) and Jake (as you all may know as OneHiveRaids on YouTube).

    Above: The first eleven wars by OneHive. I screenshot this picture when I first joined back in April 2014. This is where I moulded my roots as a hardcore war attacker where I would later share my experiences and knowledge from them to you guys on my YouTube channel.

    Huge Thank You For Your Support
    As a brand new YouTuber starting off, it is difficult to get my feet off the ground but I want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read and view this thread. An even bigger thank you to those who decided to subscribe to my content and share videos out there to the Clash Community. A YouTube channel is nothing without it's subscribers and viewers, so it's really you guys I owe the huge thank you for. Hope you guys will be able to enjoy my content in the future and as always, this is your boy Jono, signing out with another forums thread!

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    That's Good Stuff Right There!

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    How to record clash of clan in Android mobiles and take it to live on YouTube
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    Woosegai from de forums has graced you with his presence.

    Love the channel Fj

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    Tips & Tricks: Budget Luring for TH7 and TH8

    New video out guys! I hope this little trick helps me fellow TH7 and 8 war-chiefs achieve a much better lure when trying to take out those enemy clan castle troops.
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    Morning Sword War Recap #83

    Some interesting attacks by Morning Sword with some great base analysis and base exploits.

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    Deadly Overdose War Recap #85

    Some beautiful 3 star attacks displayed this war recap

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    Base Exploit Ep. 1 ft Snoop Ryan for TH10

    New Series I started. First of all, I apologize for the picture, i recorded on my ipad and i didn't know it would change the render settings like that.

    This series is basically looking at the opponents base, analyzing it and seeing what opportunities we can create to get the 3 star win.

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