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Thread: Official Youtube Thread of Ninjarro - Helping you reach your potential in Clan Wars

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    Base Exploit Ep. 11 - For Difficult Anti-3 Star TH9

    This video will show you how to attack a base with a cornered archer queen, and difficult air defense placements and double giant bomb traps. We break this base down through 3 different sections which we will attack with 3 different squads. Hope you enjoy - Professional War Chief & Queen Wallbanger

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    Easy Tip To 3 Starring Bases: Keep It Simple Stupid..

    In this video, we take a look at a base that has been attacked twice. The first attack was severely analysed and took a lot of time to plan, but unfortunately came away with a 2 star attack. The second attack was a simple mass deployment of high HP troops and took out the 3 star. This video will tell you that overanalysing is bad, and can cost you your raid. Stick to simple strategies and work your way up from there. - Professional War Chief & Queen Wallbanger

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