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Thread: Official Youtube Thread of Ninjarro - Helping you reach your potential in Clan Wars

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    Base Exploit Ep. 2 ft Nutta for TH9

    Let's find out how we got the 3 star on that base by examining what weaknesses the enemy base had

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    Deadly Overdose War Recap #87

    87-0 and still going strong! Subscribe and join us on our journey to 100-0

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    Tips & Tricks: Late Barbarian King Deployment

    I see a lot of people making this mistake which sometimes costs them the raid.

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    That Billy guy is awesome!!!😆😆😆

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBooze View Post
    That Billy guy is awesome!!!😆😆😆
    haha yeah he is!

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    Base Exploit Ep 3. ft Mr_Tad for TH10

    Nice tutorial of how to exploit that popular design base at TH10 for the 3-star.

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    Tips & Tricks: Horseshoe Haste Placement

    An advanced tip for TH10 who want to achieve 3 star raiding or those who want to transition into 3 star raiding. This tip is great for funnelling your balloons into the core where the Inferno towers are.

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    88 wins and undefeated, going for 100! Hopefully we can do it.

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    Fastest Way To Farm Dark Elixir in Champions League

    This strategy is a lot easier to use at TH10 as they have the freeze spell and have access to a higher level Archer Queen. TH9's can use this strategy too, however will only have to rely on Royal Cloak to avoiding Inferno Towers. This strategy works well from Champions 3 all the way to Legends league.

    Without boosted barracks, you can effectively earn up to 15-20k dark elixir an hour (depending on the bases you find, and loot bonus rewarded). With boosted barracks, you can earn much more!

    Let me know how this strategy works for you!

    If you enjoyed the video, or found it helpful -- please show some support by liking the video and subscribing to my channel for daily Clash of Clans content.

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    Angriest war clan ever!!!!!!!

    Unfortunately we lost our streak.. heads up boys, 88-1 is still a great show

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