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Thread: Crows - A TH9 DE Speciality / Edge Obstacle Spawning Base

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    To counter the recent comments on this thread

    1) It's rare for a base to stick around in the meta for such a long time, many players have been using this base for years, and many more have been attacking against it. It's bound to have lower performance as time goes

    2) The creator of this base changed from using Crows to using Stakataka on his TH9 Mini

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ytiev View Post
    To counter the recent comments on this thread
    It doesn't work all the time, but it works pretty well up through TH10. I don't have a recent screenshot to offer - my base is "maxed" but there's a defense from before the recent update where I gave up only 107 DE. No infernos. Only 2 xbows.

    I'm going to switch back to my heavily engineered TH10 base (no xbows, limited other defense) and in a week or so, I'll have some screenshots to post. Crows worked with it previously, and I bet it still does.
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