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    New Hero Art Contest!

    It is official, a new Hero is coming! But since its identity has not yet been revealed, we're giving you a little challenge...

    The challenge: using the image and shape above ^^^, make some art (photoshop/draw/paint etc) to show us what you think the new Hero looks like!
    Then we'll choose the funniest and most creative submissions, add it to an album on Facebook and let the Community vote (=Facebook Likes) on their favorites! The entry with the most Likes wins the contest!

    How to participate: all submissions must be posted to this thread (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc posts will not be considered).
    Upload your image to the forums, or an image hosting site like imgur (copy your image's BBCode and paste it in your post, it should look like this: [img]your-image.jpg[/img] ).

    The prize: grand winner gets 2500 gems, all finalists (those who make it to the Facebook album) will get 1000 gems. Only one entry per user will be accepted!

    Deadline: Submissions accepted until Friday, October 30th, 13:00 UTC. Voting starts on Facebook after Contest thread is closed.
    Voting ends Monday, November 2nd, 08:00 UTC. Picture with the highest number of Likes by then wins the contest. Winners will be contacted via Private Message here on the Forums.

    Good luck to all participants!
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    First to comment??

    Anoushka, We missed you at ClashCon :-(
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    I'll try my best!

    2nd the best!
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    something like that should be the new hero.

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    Hes gonna look like this

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    Any recommendation of software for this

    Anyone has a good software for creating and participating in the contest

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    I feel like its a Falcon with that large beak, especially since the new TH11 defense is Falcon Warrior

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