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    It's Wizard King :)

    It's probably wizard king or someone who has a deer's antlers.

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    New Troop ( Name :- Imhotate, Combination of Vizard and Witch) May Be Really Look Like This.....
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    Cool I think this might be it!!!I wish something like this in TH 11 i guess...

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    Goblin Chief

    Although I first assumed it some kind of Sorcerer, I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be a Goblin Chief. A few clues:
    • Goblins are the only ones wearing pointy shoes (check official SC artwork). Wizard shoes are no where near pointy.
    • At the beginning of the game, during tutorials, a Goblin appears carrying some sort of short staff (tool?) with a knob on top.

    Since storages were made immune to lightningstrikes, aquiring loot - especially dark elixir - was made very hard for lower TH-levels (7 & 8). This might be balanced out by introducing the Goblin Chief.
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    i was create this fan art whit the siluet of new hero

    i edit this post 4 time, whit 3 updates of the new hero, but i think was as the finish edit!!! i don't have more time to continue updating
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    CoC Hero Entry

    CoCHere Contest.jpg

    Done in Inkscape

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    Why do you all think its gonna be for TH 11. Did you all get the memo or attend the meetings at HQ, stop assuming you know cuz no one knows until they release the friggin announcement!

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    Quote Originally Posted by monkyyman View Post
    Tu vas gagné

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    Fan Art Clash of Clans

    this is my idea about the new hero hope you like it
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    Need help plz

    How do we post a painting of it

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