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Thread: Kicked from NH before derby end?

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    Kicked from NH before derby end?

    I had read somewhere that supercell was changing things a bit . ..that if u had done tasks...and we're kicked from your hood before end of derby..and we're unable to collect ur prizes....that u would still be able to collect the them somehow . Is this true ? Has this put put into place yet? My NH is considering kicking people Sunday afternoon if they have not finished their required prevent them from getting the prizes the rest of us have worked hard for . It will be pointless if they can still collect prizes anyway. Any info?

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    They have implemented that but I believe that they get them when they join another nh and the next derby starts. Sorry, but you can't withhold their prizes by kicking them out.

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    I kinda thought that..,that's why i asked. Ty much.

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