We don't know what is Supercell preparing for us, but I think there will come ESports to future ClashCons.

So here we go... This is an idea from me how Supercell should make it!

All Clashers who join the ClashCon in Helsinki can participate in the ClashCon Championship. Chosen ClashCon organisators will install you a Championship version of game. It's the same as the global version of game, you have there your village, but you the Championship starts at 15:00, when you can start playing.
Version info:
The Championship version has its own server where play only Clashers registered in ClashCon
You are starting with 0 trophies
You can't buy or use gems
You have no Clan
You can join only clans from the Championship server
The Global chat is ClashCon chat
Villages are attackable also when player is online
You can get shield protection: 1 hours for taking one star defense, 2 hours for taking two stars and 3 hours for taking three
No Clan Wars
No Clan Perks
Normal matchmaking as in the game

You can join your nation's clan and fight together!
The winner categories: Clan with most trophies and Player with most trophies

Do you like it?
Please tell me how to make the Championship idea for Supercell better!