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Thread: Way to retrieve task

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    Way to retrieve task

    I am co- leader in my nh. Sometimes when I am trashing low point tasks on the task board, I accidently trash my task that I am currently working on. It would be nice if hay day could come up with a way that we can retrieve our current task from the trash bin. I have had this happen a few times and it is quite annoying.

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    The best fix would be to not have it be selected automatically when you enter the task board. If it's not selected automatically, you'll never click it. I feel this would be much easier to implement than a retrieval system.

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    Actually.. a restore button can be implemented. Everytime a task is trashed, beside the bin icon, there should be a restore button. But this is the rule :

    A task can only be restored if :
    1. It is not expired (still have time left to finish)
    2. You still havent move on to another task.

    The time left on a restored task will go on as if the task isnt trashed. For example. You trashed the task when there's still 20 hours left for the task. Five hours later, when you restore the task, the timer will show you have only 15 hours remaining. If the timer expired before you restore it, then it is expired and cant be restored.

    If SC want diamonds, you can make the restore function purchasable. You can give us option to restore a task by paying 10 diamonds if you want to.

    Because who in their right mind would trash their own task? Cmon! If we trash accidentally, then we have to pay diamonds for retrieving our task back. I can live with that. But at least make it possible.

    Or if you want to fix like what catwalk said... okay. Works for me too. 😊
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    Below are my suggestions originally posted in: My 2nd task ended bt itself before completed

    Quote Originally Posted by Dalllyn View Post
    Whenever the derby station refreshes (due to internet connections, after deleting a task, someone else deleting a task at the same time, etc.) the task you're currently working on is automatically highlighted. Could the issue (in theses cases), be solved by Supercell changing the default, so you're working task isn't automatically selected? Additionally, having the warning message a different colour for working tasks and/or having a description (picture/text) of the task you're trashing in the warning message, may help to reduce accidental deletions of current tasks?

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