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Thread: Town vs Trucks vs Boats

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    Town vs Trucks vs Boats

    Please point me to the discussion, if there is one, that compares these three selling opportunities.

    My general impression is that they are pretty similar, except:

    RSS - You get cash and no XP
    Trucks - You get less cash, and cash and XP combined approximate the RSS amount. Metal orders give vouchers.
    Boats - Like trucks, but you can get a voucher
    Town - Like trucks, but you can boost your payouts with building upgrades

    Sometimes there are events that change this calculus, but when there is no event, is there a strong reason to choose one over the other?

    Like I said, SIAP, please point me in the right direction.

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    You have summarized that perfectly well.

    Apart from events the only reason to choose one over the other relates to what you prefer to do or what your current goals are.

    Needing money for decor or the next machine--sell in RSS
    Wanting to expand town--prioritize town as specific TEMs are only available from there.
    Chasing a particular achievement---there are unique achievements to boats, trucks and town. Even Citizen Cane for advertising in the DD

    Sometimes we just find that we prefer one over the others.
    I prefer trucks because there is no timetable. I can do them at my own pace and when I trash orders I only have to wait 30 minutes for another one.

    Someone may correct me on this but I think in general trucks offer better XP than boats.

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    I agree with Sparkly, in that an important consideration is which you prefer doing... Playing for fun, they all have different fun for different folks.

    That said, there are some other differences to consider, for example (and not only)... Boats ask for high quantities of 3 items, which is good for a bigger barn but a push for smaller barn as you are not going to be able to make e.g. Jam to order in time, so need to carry stocks on hand. Townies are fond of things you might not want to give them, like sugar, dairy, lobster, candles... And fond of things that take ages to make, like candy... I manage mine by sending all first to grocery, spa and gift shop (the places we are most like to disagree on what counts as a reasonable request). Trucks eat barn supplies, but not in the big uneven quantities of boats and will want candy, jewlery and metal bars (unlike boats) ... You need a strategy for which orders to send vs which to rip down, according to your goals.

    i'd consider trying playing all 3 evenly, unless one is more fun for you, in which case focus there.
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    Agree with what's said but a few things to bear in mind...

    - Boats give no bonus apart for the vouchers and the reward for completing the boat
    - town will give the same rewards as boats but outlets can be upgraded to pay up to 60% extra coins/XP
    - town takes quite a lot of time invested to manage your visitors, especially if you have to search other people's platforms a lot - an important factor if you are wheating!
    - MOST IMPORTANTLY (in my opinion) trucks pay a variable split between coins and XP. If you are after coins then sell in the RSS but if you want XP, don't just sell to every truck - I only sell to those offering significantly more XP, unless it's items I don't want or can easily replace

    so the worst return is actually other people's boats. The best coins is the RSS and the best XP is probably a combination of a maxed town building and the right truck orders!

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    Agree with what others have said. I would add, though, that I find trucks have the ability to suck your barn dry very quickly, whereas townies seem to me to be better paced: they tend to ask for things at roughly the same rate you can crank them out if you keep your machines busy. Obviously there are peeks and valleys in the demand.

    But that has a lot to do with why I enjoy townies more than trucks.

    Boats are somewhere in between for me. And I like filling crates for others much more than filling my own boats.
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    Personally i do a mixture of all, though i really dislike the town but that's just my opinion. I sell lemons in the shop, do most boats unless it asks for sugar or dairy, i do most trucks that are for high xp and trash all low ones and will check in on the townies a few times a week. I find this works well for me, keeps money high and i level up pretty quickly.

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    I dont like wheating so I do boats as they give vouchers and vouchers gives pets which give free tools. So boats for free tools eventually. And decoration with extra vouchers. Town gives tools as well. And after upgrading buildings leftover town tools give good coins. And town takes up less stock and unlike boats kicking some of them dont effect xp. Trucks i do if barn is getting full or if there is double coin event. I do truck orders which are easy like crop or fruit orders or milk eggs bacons etc. In truck event town and boat are neglected and trucks r priority.

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    Thanks everyone. That's helpful, I was just going in circles.

    But I could make a plan and then not feel like the circles were pointless.

    Thanks again.

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    One of the good point (i mean good for me ) of the town is that it give you a feeling of completion and satisfaction.
    Once you train has come, the townies allocated to shop and served or kicked out, then you are done.
    nothing more to add, not another one after the other one.

    I never get the feeling with trucks as the fullfilled orders are remplaced until you get some you can not fullfill anymore. It gives me always feeling of frustration to let the board full of uncompleted orders.

    The only fun i get in truck now is helping one neighbor'to complete the turbo truck or challenging one neighbor about the max number of trucks per day.

    The boats are also great for me as long as i can deal with the production files or stocks.

    This all to say that XP and coins are important, but sometimes also feelings play an important role in your choice.
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    For boats I ask for help on 2 crates minimum, sometimes 3 or 4.
    I trash truck orders that are high on coins but low xp, cause I don't need coins. People don't need xp should do the opposite.
    I trash order with less than 500xp. Unless if it asks for easy crops. If you're a high level player the number increases, of course. For vouchers I make and buy jewelry and bars.
    If I want to level up the town (reputation points) I send visitors to bed and breakfast. I send away all those who want diary or sugar or stuff I need. I'm aware that you can get more xp if you upgrade the buildings, I used to hate the town because the tems were hard to find.
    I don't sell my bem/sem/lem, I do wheating and sell to neighbors/trade in this forum. Also wheating can give you lots of xp. The number of crops you have every * 2 minutes = profit

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